February, 2013

February 22, 2013  3:57 PM

Some extra compensation could prompt innovation

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

Big tech companies like Apple and Facebook are accustomed to encouraging and fostering IT innovation among their employees and getting results. This week's Searchlight finds the leaders of some of those businesses are turning their attentions -- and their coffers -- to areas outside...

February 15, 2013  8:58 PM

It’s time to roll the dice with social networking

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

Attention, businesses that aren't actively making use of social networking sites and tools: Go directly to obscurity, do not pass Go, do not collect market share. For you see, Monopoly game maker Hasbro has proved you you don't have to be particularly cool or cutting edge to win over the...

February 8, 2013  4:58 PM

BYOD has a long life ahead of it

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

Cruising around the Web this week, I happened upon one of those stories that you just know can't be serious. I don't mean that in an Onion-y way, more of a...

February 1, 2013  9:05 PM

Information security breach turned into teachable moment

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

Technically the public didn't need to know about the recent information security breach at "The New York Times." No customer information was compromised and no damage was done to affiliated entities. Yet the paper decided to do what newspapers do best and present an in-depth look at the incident...

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