December, 2011

December 23, 2011  3:27 PM

Bill limiting IT worker overtime pay could put CIOs in a tough spot

Linda Tucci Linda Tucci Profile: Linda Tucci

With technology boosters like these, who needs Scrooge? That's what many IT folks must be thinking when they take a gander at the sponsors of a bill before the U.S. Senate to limit overtime pay for computer workers. You can read about the

December 21, 2011  5:08 PM

Trend without end, ‘IT as a services broker’ will go beyond 2012

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

Just as surely as you'll hear that Mariah Carey Christmas song 900 more times between now and Sunday, you're sure to keep running into 2012 prognostications on your daily travels around our family of sites between now and mid-January. Because it's such a cheery time of year, I like to think of...

December 16, 2011  3:01 PM

To be executive material, CIOs need passion, must be in fighting trim

Linda Tucci Linda Tucci Profile: Linda Tucci

I check in with headhunters this time of year to get the lowdown on hiring -- and more important, on what companies are looking for in their CIOs. What's considered executive material...

December 13, 2011  7:11 PM

Application portals for mobile device management are no joke

Christina Torode Christina Torode Profile: Christina Torode

What do a Gartner analyst, a Forrester analyst, the CIO of a group of community colleges, and mobile device management (MDM) vendors have in common? (No, this isn't the setup for a bad joke.) Answer: All four point to the use of application portals to solve a myriad of problems related to the...

December 8, 2011  9:57 PM

Loaded with technical debt, your software is headed for a crash

Linda Tucci Linda Tucci Profile: Linda Tucci

The global economy is in danger of collapsing under a mountain of debt -- and guess what? So is the software that runs your company, according to

December 7, 2011  4:42 PM

Outlook 2012: Monetizing IT

Christina Torode Christina Torode Profile: Christina Torode

Opinions about the top trends for the coming year are starting to trickle into my inbox. Most of these "Outlook 2012" predictions are about the certainty of economic uncertainty. I know,...

December 1, 2011  9:49 PM

Will an IT services organization put CIOs back in the basement?

Linda Tucci Linda Tucci Profile: Linda Tucci

Something I heard about IT services organizations has been rattling around in my brain this week. I was interviewing a CIO-turned-analyst for a story about the value of giving IT employees “

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