March, 2011

March 30, 2011  9:12 PM

‘Understanding the customer is the wrong unit of measurement’

Linda Tucci Linda Tucci Profile: Linda Tucci

CIOs often are advised to think of their users (a sleazy term if there ever was one) as customers. Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen has news for you: "Understanding the customer is the wrong unit of measurement," he informed CIOs at the recent Gartner CIO Leadership Forum in...

March 25, 2011  2:04 PM

Courion’s user identity management gives the Red Cross an infusion

4Laura Laura Smith Profile: 4Laura

Suzanne Hall is "really excited" about the pilot the American National Red Cross will launch next month, thanks to the largesse of Courion Corp., an identity management provider that's given away $100,000 to charities over the last nine years.

March 24, 2011  6:24 PM

Perfecting the elevator sales pitch by channeling your inner Hollywood

Linda Tucci Linda Tucci Profile: Linda Tucci

Why don't a CIO's ideas stick? Your ideas are too complex. They're not spoken in the language of the business. They solve the wrong problem. Customers don't see what's in it for them. Your boss doesn't believe they will work. You come off as a

March 18, 2011  1:16 PM

Disasters both natural and financial challenge technology innovations

4Laura Laura Smith Profile: 4Laura

When Chris Kemp joined NASA five years ago as its chief technology officer for IT, he was "in awe of how much...

March 17, 2011  10:46 PM

The Q factor in IT transformation

Linda Tucci Linda Tucci Profile: Linda Tucci

It's just an impression, but are CIOs determined to be like the coolest cats in the room? At the two conferences on IT transformation I attended this month, I kept hearing about...

March 11, 2011  3:39 PM

IT innovation isn’t new, but essential to maintain a competitive edge

4Laura Laura Smith Profile: 4Laura

IT innovation: It's the buzzword of the year. But what does it actually mean?

According to, to innovate means to introduce something new or to make changes in anything established. In IT, that's hardly a new concept: Advances in technology have always led to IT innovation...

March 9, 2011  9:32 PM

Using social media and networking to spy on, er, understand employees

Linda Tucci Linda Tucci Profile: Linda Tucci

Businesses so know they need to track what customers are saying about them on social media and networking sites. Tracking customer sentiment online can contain, if not...

March 4, 2011  3:30 PM

Companies eyeing cloud brokers to manage multiple cloud services

4Laura Laura Smith Profile: 4Laura

Some IT departments are aggressively adopting "cloud-first" strategies for new deployments. Instead of buying new servers, they're looking at Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); rather than renewing expensive software licenses, they're evaluating whether applications -- from customer relationship...

March 2, 2011  6:06 PM

Is Sears’ choice of a former IT executive as CEO a sign of the times?

Linda Tucci Linda Tucci Profile: Linda Tucci

The recent news that Sears named 46-year-old Louis D'Ambrosio, a former IT executive at IBM and Avaya, as its new CEO strikes me as a big deal. Just a few weeks ago, Peter Breunig, who oversees IT architecture at Chevron, was telling me that chances are "slim" that an IT leader would become CEO of...

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