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January 23, 2013  12:08 PM

Remember, the journey to fast 4G is a slow one

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4G, auction, Bidding, Ofcom, spectrum

December 17, 2012  2:29 PM

MoD, drop Osborne a call and tell him how to handle spectrum auctions…

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auction, Ofcom, spectrum

December 5, 2012  4:51 PM

Sneaky George includes the 4G budget in his figures

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4G, auction, spectrum, twitter

Today saw the slightly creepy Just William lookalike, George Osborne, present his autumn statement to the House of Commons.

July 24, 2012  4:19 PM

Three UK faces competition for final spectrum allocation

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4G, O2, Ofcom, Sky, spectrum, Virgin Media, Vodafone, Wi-Fi

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