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March 2, 2016  10:51 AM

Why Europe is coming round to BT’s broadband thinking

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
Broadband, FTTP, Ofcom, Openreach

by Ronan Kelly

BT has been in the UK headlines quite a lot these past few weeks. News of a rare service interruption aside, BT's recent press cuttings file is par for the...

January 27, 2016  11:31 AM

No, nobody is going to nationalise Openreach

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
Broadband, ISP, Ofcom, Openreach

It's always been reasonably clear - provided you don't work for BT of course - that the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) procurement and delivery model was not fit for purpose, lacked ambition, and hindered the work of small altnets and...

January 25, 2016  10:30 AM

Fudged broadband report damages case for independent Openreach

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
MPS, Ofcom, Openreach

I wanted to put pen to paper today and explain a few things about the tone of our coverage of the British Infrastructure Group's 'Broadbad' report, which was released over the weekend of 23-4 January. In the...

January 11, 2016  10:04 AM

No surprise whatsoever as Openreach names new CEO

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
Ofcom, Openreach

After BT Openreach lost Joe Garner to the Nationwide Building Society at a critical juncture in its history, as I have previously written, it is entirely unsurprising that BT should...

November 16, 2015  10:15 AM

Openreach needs strong leadership at a critical time

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
Broadband, Ofcom, Openreach

When I saw the email from BT's press office telling me that Joe Garner was leaving Openreach to become CEO of Nationwide, I nearly hit the roof, and I expect Gavin Patterson did as well. Joe Garner is an enormously personable, open and friendly guy with whom I've got on well on the handful of...

January 29, 2015  10:31 AM

FCC showing its teeth on broadband speed. Time for Ofcom to grow a pair

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
BDUK, Broadband, FCC, Ofcom

News reaches the Full Spectrum that later this week the 1 Comment     RSS Feed     Email a friend

June 25, 2014  11:30 AM

It’s time to think again about spectrum licensing

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
government, Licensing, Ofcom

A guest blog by Adam Afriyie, MP for Windsor and chair of the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

More people are online than ever before. Between 2010 and 2013, mobile internet usage more than doubled in the UK.

The internet is now a huge part of our...

September 9, 2013  4:21 PM

We will win in the 4G operator wars

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
4G, EE, Ofcom, Vodafone, YouGov

I was both surprised and impressed when I opened my email this morning. EE was shouting from the rooftops - through text form of course - that it had...

July 11, 2013  2:52 PM

The 4G Wars – turns out nobody cares…

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
4G, Broadband, consumer, Ofcom, YouGov

The operators argued until they were blue in the face, Ofcom kept us waiting and waiting, and EE put all of its  investment squarely behind the technology - but it seems the person on the street couldn't give two hoots about 4G.

April 18, 2013  11:05 AM

Ofcom’s job is not to make money for the government

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
4G, Labour, Ofcom

Rumour has it this week that the National Audit Office (NAO) is going to be investigating the 4G spectrum auction. Why? Well, for not bringing in enough cash to the Treasury.

Before the bidding process had...

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