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July 28, 2014  3:20 PM

Boris Johnson’s 5G pledge? Don’t make me laugh

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
5G, London, LTE, WiMAX

5G promises lightning-fast mobile speeds. Want to download a full-length movie in under a second? Want to stream ultra-HD TV on the go? Fancy trying out immersive gaming? Augmented reality apps? Oh boy, it's the mobile networking standard for you.

There's only one small problem. Nobody...

March 27, 2013  2:10 PM

Fibre before beauty

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
Broadband, fttc, FTTP, London

November 13, 2012  11:12 AM

Citizen puts EE in its place – it might be better to wait for 4G

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
4G, EE, London, Plymouth

There has been endless coverage of EE and its 4G roll out hitting the UK, but who can blame us? It seems to have taken forever for the UK to get on the 4G train and it is exciting that it is now possible to get the much speedier connections.

October 15, 2012  12:55 PM

London will catch up with New York’s mobile speeds

jscott1 Profile: jscott1

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