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January 6, 2014  11:22 AM

What we missed in the festive season

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BlackBerry, Broadband, nokia

Happy New Year all!

So after a blissful two weeks off, I have returned to my desk as many of you have with emails up to my eyeballs and a few stories that have made those eyes water as the networking and telecoms industries ignored the Christmas break and carried on...

December 12, 2013  4:58 PM

Christmas quips won’t get the broadband job done

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BDUK, Broadband

December 6, 2013  2:57 PM

BDUK: The answer is to manage expectations with a transparent plan

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Broadband, Chatburn

I am lucky enough to have regular conversations with some great alternative providers working at local level to try and get broadband connectivity to the most rural areas.

This week, for example, I got to speak to Dr Mike Goldsmith, managing director...

December 4, 2013  2:33 PM

Is the fund to test ‘innovative broadband solutions’ funding for fundings’ sake?

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BDUK, Broadband, Funding, government, Infrastructure

This morning, I wrote a story about investment from insurance firms into infrastructure projects across the UK. The six companies plan on investing...

November 14, 2013  4:55 PM

Broadband’s big boost for British (Telecom)

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BDUK, Broadband, DCMS

Many of you may have seen by now the latest government report from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport entitled 'UK Broadband Impact Study.'

The DCMS commissioned the SQW Group to look at how us...

November 12, 2013  12:53 PM

The BDUK postcode debacle and how it is driving me to drink…

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BDUK, Broadband, BT, local government, PAC, postcode

Yesterday, I returned to work after a lovely week away in the beautiful Peak District with my boyfriend, full of country walks, textile museums and a fair few whiskeys at some of the best rural pubs in the country - I would highly recommend the Kings Head to...

October 2, 2013  2:28 PM

My battle with BDUK – update two

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BDUK, Broadband, freedom of information, local government

So another six weeks have gone by friends and I must admit I was hoping to have a lot more to tell you about my mission to publish the post code data on where the BDUK project will be...

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September 19, 2013  9:25 AM

Money for nothing and 2Mbps for me (if I’m lucky…)

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BDUK, Broadband, consultant, Funding, HS2, taxpayer, £500m

As with many on their commute to work, I end up with my head buried in the Metro, hoovering up the bite-sized news chunks and cracking a smile at how much Nemi reminds me of myself. This morning, however, what I normally consider a light hearted read got me quite angry and the...

August 15, 2013  3:13 PM

My battle with BDUK – update one

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BDUK, Broadband, BT, DCMS, roll-out

As many of you will know, I have been following the BDUK process closely over the past few months and things in recent weeks have been hotting up.

You see, both citizens and businesses were starting to get antsy with the government and local councils...

July 11, 2013  2:52 PM

The 4G Wars – turns out nobody cares…

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4G, Broadband, consumer, Ofcom, YouGov

The operators argued until they were blue in the face, Ofcom kept us waiting and waiting, and EE put all of its  investment squarely behind the technology - but it seems the person on the street couldn't give two hoots about 4G.

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