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January 27, 2016  11:31 AM

No, nobody is going to nationalise Openreach

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
Broadband, ISP, Ofcom, Openreach

It's always been reasonably clear - provided you don't work for BT of course - that the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) procurement and delivery model was not fit for purpose, lacked ambition, and hindered the work of small altnets and...

January 18, 2016  1:30 PM

The government’s EC broadband consultation response is truly pathetic

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
Broadband, European Commission, fibre, FTTP

Last Friday, just after 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the government published a series of responses to a number of European Commission (EC) consultations around the Digital Single Market.

Personally, I can't imagine why a government as committed to openness and frank discussion as Prime...

December 2, 2015  3:08 PM

Will satellite help us escape the dreaded blackspots?

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
4G, Broadband, Internet access, ViaSat, Wi-Fi

A guest blog by Neil Fraser, communications and information provider and leader at ViaSat UK

In March's budget, George Osborne restated the government's drive to push...

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November 16, 2015  10:15 AM

Openreach needs strong leadership at a critical time

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
Broadband, Ofcom, Openreach

When I saw the email from BT's press office telling me that Joe Garner was leaving Openreach to become CEO of Nationwide, I nearly hit the roof, and I expect Gavin Patterson did as well. Joe Garner is an enormously personable, open and friendly guy with whom I've got on well on the handful of...

January 29, 2015  10:31 AM

FCC showing its teeth on broadband speed. Time for Ofcom to grow a pair

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
BDUK, Broadband, FCC, Ofcom

News reaches the Full Spectrum that later this week the 1 Comment     RSS Feed     Email a friend

October 17, 2014  9:00 AM

Shropshire broadband stalemate part two: the missing £11m and how to find it

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
BDUK, Broadband, Shropshire

After learning last week that one of the more vocal rural broadband campaign groups - the Shropshire and Marches Rural Broadband Campaign, was pulling out of its partnership with Shropshire County Council - the Full Spectrum reached out to campaign...

June 10, 2014  10:00 AM

Does telco recruitment herald a brighter superfast future?

Alex Scroxton Alex Scroxton Profile: Alex Scroxton
BDUK, Broadband, BT, fibre, Gigaclear, ManPower, recruitment, telecoms

I reported this morning the findings of a survey by ManPowerGroup that...

January 6, 2014  11:22 AM

What we missed in the festive season

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
BlackBerry, Broadband, nokia

Happy New Year all!

So after a blissful two weeks off, I have returned to my desk as many of you have with emails up to my eyeballs and a few stories that have made those eyes water as the networking and telecoms industries ignored the Christmas break and carried on...

December 12, 2013  4:58 PM

Christmas quips won’t get the broadband job done

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
BDUK, Broadband

December 6, 2013  2:57 PM

BDUK: The answer is to manage expectations with a transparent plan

jscott1 Profile: jscott1
Broadband, Chatburn

I am lucky enough to have regular conversations with some great alternative providers working at local level to try and get broadband connectivity to the most rural areas.

This week, for example, I got to speak to Dr Mike Goldsmith, managing director...

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