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December 13, 2013  12:46 PM

Online Tracking: Keeping Austin Weirder

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
AT&T, austin, behaviour, Profiling, Surveillance

One of our long-standing problems with Internet privacy is the tracking of user activities, more often than not without any meaningful opt-out mechanism: if you don’t want to be profiled by, say, Facebook then don’t go on Facebook. That’s all very well to say, but no use to someone whose...

April 18, 2012  8:21 AM

CCDP: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
CCDP, identity cards, interception, liberties, No2ID, privacy, Surveillance

The dust has temporarily settled a little on the Home Office's announcement of the Communications Capabilities Development Programme (CCDP), and doubtless some Ministers are now licking their wounds whilst others sharpen weapons in preparation for the fight that lies ahead when the legislation...

November 16, 2010  6:47 PM

Back to Skool

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
crime, freedom, Surveillance

Over the next few days I'm going to focus on a number of important stories that relate to freedom of speech, and the unfortunate consequences of using that freedom to say something silly.

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April 29, 2010  3:30 PM

Erasing David

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
privacy, Surveillance

Tonight is the premiere of David Bond's new film 'Erasing David,' which will also be shown on More 4 at 10pm on 4th May. If you have any doubt in your mind about whether we have already sleepwalked into a surveillance state; about whether there is any...

February 16, 2010  12:56 PM

More silliness about body scanners

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
Biometrics, privacy, Security, Surveillance, technologies

The Nudatrons* are back in the news again, as the Equality and Human Rights Commission has warned that their use in UK airports may...

January 14, 2010  6:31 PM

Attack of the Nudatrons

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
privacy, Security, Surveillance, technologies

The attempted Y-Front bombing of a US-bound flight by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on Christmas Day has been the dominant international news story of the past few weeks. The repercussions for privacy are significant: President Obama has been scathing about security controls and demanded reforms....

October 20, 2009  5:25 PM

DLP and Privacy

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
privacy, Surveillance, technologies

I attended a very good session at the RSA Conference Europe in London this...

September 16, 2009  11:53 AM

Surveillance State Kerplunk

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
.ico, Data protection, Data sharing, identity cards, legislation, politics, Surveillance

The Conservatives have unveiled their plans for reversing the rise of the surveillance state. Seeking to pull the surveillance infrastructure out of government, their views are...

September 16, 2009  10:00 AM

Conservatives Reverse the Rise of the Surveillance State

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
identity cards, politics, Surveillance

The Conservatives will this morning describe their plans to reverse the rise of the surveillance state. Espousing three principles: that individuals, not the state, own personal information; that when government holds personal information, it is on trust; and that government must be accountable...

September 10, 2009  1:10 PM

Happy birthday, DNA fingerprinting

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
Biometrics, Surveillance

DNA fingerprinting is 25 years old today. Speaking to the BBC, Professor Sir Alec Jeffrey, who pioneered the technique, called for the scrapping of innocent peoples' entries on the National DNA Database:


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