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April 7, 2010  11:25 AM

Technology Strategy Board – Trusted Services Competition

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politics, privacy, Projects, regulation

The Technology Strategy Board has allocated up to £8m to invest in highly innovative collaborative research and development projects in the area of trusted services.

The tools,...

March 18, 2010  9:25 AM

The Annuality Agenda

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politics, Projects

The financial year end is nearly upon us. In a couple of weeks' time, government departments are expected to draw a line under many of their existing procurement contracts and move to a new budget year. As always, there's a flurry of small, last-minute procurements as they spot a few thousand...

December 8, 2009  8:52 AM

Good News Week

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identity, privacy, Projects, Security

I've noticed a somewhat grumpy trend in my blogs over recent months: the problem is that there's so much to grumble about. Public sector appears to be in meltdown with accusations of ministers pursuing a 'scorched earth' policy in the build-up to the election, vendors milking the last drops they...

June 15, 2009  10:50 AM

Might Alan Johnson abandon the ID Cards scheme?

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identity cards, Projects, Surveillance

The Sunday Times reports that new Home Secretary Alan Johnson has ordered a review of the National Identity Service. Claiming inside information that he "is more sympathetic to civil liberties arguments than previous...

March 3, 2009  1:05 PM

Privacy 101: Introducing the Laws of the Bleedin’ Obvious

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Data, Data protection, privacy, Projects

The Register is reporting that a number of prominent Scots - including Gordon Brown - had their medical records accessed by a doctor without authorisation:

The files were part of the Emergency Care Summary system database, which was established three years ago amid...

February 25, 2009  7:31 PM

Biometrics and Privacy

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Biometrics, privacy, Projects

I spoke today at a Social Market Foundation event on biometrics. The keynote was Prof James Wayman, who was exceptionally fluent and interesting on the topic, and I was pleasantly surprised to see him talking openly about the abilities and...

September 30, 2008  9:11 PM

Tories confirm they will scrap ContactPoint

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consent, identity, Projects, Surveillance

Shadow Schools Secretary Michael Gove has confirmed that the Tories will scrap ContactPoint - aka the Children's Index - if they win the next election.

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