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September 14, 2016  1:05 PM

Data Protection – Objectives or Outcomes?

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GDPR, privacy

One of the greatest challenges faced by Privacy and Data Protection professionals is demonstrating that their organisations have complied with the requirements of the various laws governing the handling of personal data. The freshly revised BS10012 can help organisations...

June 10, 2014  6:15 AM

The Right To Have Facts Redacted (But Not Forgotten) In Certain Contexts

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ecj, Google, privacy, rights

…or “How the Reputation Management Industry Came of Age"

Much fuss has been made in the press about the European Court of Justice’s decision that search engines (and Google in particular) must enable a ‘right to be forgotten’ - that is,...

October 30, 2013  4:15 PM

RSA Conference Europe 2013 – When Security Met Privacy

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Big Data, privacy, RSA Conference, Security

This year's RSA Conference Europe is themed around how 'Big Data Transforms Security,' requiring support from and feeding into the corporate security function. The tone was set by

June 18, 2013  9:14 AM

Government Digital Service publishes Identity and Privacy Principles

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GDS, Identity assurance, oix, principles, privacy

One of the common concerns about identity-related technologies is the potential for abuse of privacy, and for function creep of the identity system itself: mechanisms which are designed to support authentication end up being used to hoover up personal data about the user's interactions with...

October 16, 2012  7:57 PM

How I learned to stop worrying and love identity assurance

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GDS, ID CARD, identity, Identity assurance, liberty, privacy

The past week has seen a surge in media coverage of the government's new Identity Assurance (IDA) programme, as the Department...

October 15, 2012  2:22 PM

Proof of age comes of age

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alcohol, bath, identity, Licensing, privacy, touch2id

It's October, the time of year when another intake of students are released from school into the adult world of university, and fill the pubs and clubs of university towns. These establishments are legally bound to verify that their customers are old enough to enter, and risk losing their...

April 18, 2012  8:21 AM

CCDP: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

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CCDP, identity cards, interception, liberties, No2ID, privacy, Surveillance

The dust has temporarily settled a little on the Home Office's announcement of the Communications Capabilities Development Programme (CCDP), and doubtless some Ministers are now licking their wounds whilst others sharpen weapons in preparation for the fight that lies ahead when the legislation...

August 24, 2011  8:13 PM


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consent, privacy

The CONSENT project - a collaborative project co-funded by the European Commission under the FP7 programme - is seeking opinions on the use of personal information, privacy and providing consent online. You can...

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December 1, 2010  9:44 AM

Talking balls on Facebook

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consent, Data protection, Data sharing, privacy

The NHS Choices website is a cornerstone of the government's drive for health service efficiency and to move service delivery online. Users can log on to find out more about NHS services, and to use a symptoms checker to understand what might...

October 20, 2010  12:58 PM

The future of the Internet – a new dawn or a phantom menace?

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Biometrics, consent, freedom, identity, privacy, regulation

So, to Lille today to attend IMRG's inaugural EbizEU conference. The theme is e-commerce strategy, with a number of speakers looking to the future of cross-border e-retail.

The keynote pitch was delivered by Nils Muller of TrendONE, a 'futurologist' who distinguished himself from others...

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