Identity, Privacy and Trust:


June 30, 2010  6:01 PM

There, but for the grace of Dave and Nick…

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identity cards, politics

Do you remember the UK ID Cards scheme? You know, the government's promised 'gold standard' of identity? The unforgeable, unbeatable, genius of authentication that was promised to do anything you want (so long as all you wanted to do was submit to an identity check by a public official)? The one...

May 12, 2010  3:18 PM

The end is the beginning

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identity cards, politics, privacy

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have published their coalition agreement. This includes the following key lines:

10. Civil liberties

The parties agree to...

May 12, 2010  8:02 AM

The First 100 Days?

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identity cards, legislation, politics

It's a bright, sunny morning. Finally, we have a new government. I'm excited. I've a strong sense that a Conservative-Liberal coalition could be the best possible election outcome for the UK: a strong economy coupled with a commitment to overturn the inefficiencies and centralisation of 13 years...

April 7, 2010  11:25 AM

Technology Strategy Board – Trusted Services Competition

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politics, privacy, Projects, regulation

The Technology Strategy Board has allocated up to £8m to invest in highly innovative collaborative research and development projects in the area of trusted services.

The tools,...

March 31, 2010  2:43 PM

Privacy, Data Protection and Security – Post UK Election

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Data protection, identity, politics, privacy

As the country goes to the polls, the three main parties have committed to specific policies on Privacy, Data Protection and Security. In particular, the Conservatives have promised radical reform in these areas. What changes are we likely to see once the new government is elected?


March 30, 2010  9:11 AM

Information – Assurance or Atrophy?

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politics, privacy, Security

Continued »

March 22, 2010  8:15 AM

Shome mishtake shurely?

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Biometrics, identity, identity cards, politics, privacy

A very unpleasant little amendment to the Licensing Act (2003) is in front of Ministers for approval as a Statutory Instrument (SI). If you're not familiar with the process, a SI is a delegated legislation made under...

March 18, 2010  9:25 AM

The Annuality Agenda

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politics, Projects

The financial year end is nearly upon us. In a couple of weeks' time, government departments are expected to draw a line under many of their existing procurement contracts and move to a new budget year. As always, there's a flurry of small, last-minute procurements as they spot a few thousand...

February 26, 2010  7:40 AM

Italian Court Convicts Google Execs

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legislation, politics, privacy

An Italian court has flown in the face of the convention by convicting four Google executives - including Peter Fleischer,...

February 22, 2010  7:40 AM

Government backs down on increased data theft penalties

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.ico, crime, Data protection, legislation, politics

The Ministry of Justice has once again dropped plans to increase penalties against those who recklessly or deliberately misuse personal information. As part of its response to the

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