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October 6, 2010  7:23 AM

Jailed for defending his privacy?

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legislation, privacy, RIPA

Online child protection is all over the news this week, with the resignation of Jim Gamble of CEOP (and part of his team) being rued by mainstream media, and welcomed by ISPs. However, a lower profile headline...

May 12, 2010  8:02 AM

The First 100 Days?

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identity cards, legislation, politics

It's a bright, sunny morning. Finally, we have a new government. I'm excited. I've a strong sense that a Conservative-Liberal coalition could be the best possible election outcome for the UK: a strong economy coupled with a commitment to overturn the inefficiencies and centralisation of 13 years...

March 2, 2010  2:42 PM

Why seals don’t always perform

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Conferences, Data protection, legislation, privacy, regulation

The US Federal Trade Commission has just found so-called privacy and security certification service ControlScan guilty of failing to monitor the practices of its certified sites. In...

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February 26, 2010  7:40 AM

Italian Court Convicts Google Execs

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legislation, politics, privacy

An Italian court has flown in the face of the convention by convicting four Google executives - including Peter Fleischer,...

February 22, 2010  7:40 AM

Government backs down on increased data theft penalties

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.ico, crime, Data protection, legislation, politics

The Ministry of Justice has once again dropped plans to increase penalties against those who recklessly or deliberately misuse personal information. As part of its response to the

September 16, 2009  11:53 AM

Surveillance State Kerplunk

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.ico, Data protection, Data sharing, identity cards, legislation, politics, Surveillance

The Conservatives have unveiled their plans for reversing the rise of the surveillance state. Seeking to pull the surveillance infrastructure out of government, their views are...

June 16, 2009  12:24 PM

US Cyberspace Policy Review

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I've finally got round to reading the US Cyberspace Policy Review. Authored by Melissa Hathaway, Cybersecurity Chief at the National Security Council, this document was published at the end of May, and provides near-term and mid-term action...

June 10, 2009  1:08 PM

The Data Sharing Challenge – What Should the Public Sector Do?

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Data protection, Data sharing, incidents, legislation, privacy, Surveillance, technologies

Data sharing has become one of the toughest technology topics for the public sector. Our strategies are being driven by the need to gather and exchange huge amounts of personal information within and between authorities. But the majority of the most significant data loss incidents of recent...

April 28, 2009  9:12 PM

More on Phorm

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DPI, legislation, privacy

"Mark Thompson" has commented on the previous short item on 'Phiting Dirty,' and I think his comment merits a blog item in its own right. I've reproduced his text below:

This new 'smear' website Phorm have setup is a complete disgrace. It is an attack on private individuals...

April 28, 2009  7:09 PM

Phiting Dirty

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
legislation, privacy

Deep Packet Inspection outfit Phorm is busy covering itself with glory today. This morning we had the Freedom of Information revelation that contrary to previous statements, the Home Office not...

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