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November 16, 2010  6:47 PM

Back to Skool

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crime, freedom, Surveillance

Over the next few days I'm going to focus on a number of important stories that relate to freedom of speech, and the unfortunate consequences of using that freedom to say something silly.

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October 20, 2010  12:58 PM

The future of the Internet – a new dawn or a phantom menace?

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Biometrics, consent, freedom, identity, privacy, regulation

So, to Lille today to attend IMRG's inaugural EbizEU conference. The theme is e-commerce strategy, with a number of speakers looking to the future of cross-border e-retail.

The keynote pitch was delivered by Nils Muller of TrendONE, a 'futurologist' who distinguished himself from others...

July 14, 2010  8:29 AM

When business trumps privacy

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.ico, Data protection, freedom, privacy

The BBC reports that the financial failure of gay teenager magazine XY, and its associated database, has given rise to a painful privacy conundrum: what happens to the database of registered site users?

When a company...

April 15, 2009  5:02 PM

The Dangers of DNA Databases

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Biometrics, consent, Data protection, freedom, legislation, privacy, Surveillance, technologies

Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys, the scientist behind the development of DNA testing methods used in modern policing, has attacked the government DNA database.

February 26, 2009  10:08 AM

NTHNTF: More mythbusing

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freedom, privacy

I'm indebted to William van Zwanenberg, who has provided such a detailed and extensive comment on yesterday's "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear" (NTHNTF) article that is merits a blog entry in its own right. William's piece is below - many thanks indeed!

February 25, 2009  12:16 PM

The Convention on Modern Liberty

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I'd like to draw your attention to one of the most important civil liberties events of this - or any other - year. The Convention on Modern Liberty is a series of events running around the UK this Saturday 28th February. The main event is in London,...

February 20, 2009  12:35 PM

The injustice of data sharing

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Data protection, freedom, legislation, privacy

The Coroners and Justice Bill has had its second reading in the Commons and gone to Committee. Why should we care about a Bill that is, on the face of it, intended to reform the operation of Coroners and...

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