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February 16, 2008  8:19 AM

Think twice before you start printing your own currency

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
Finance, identity, Surveillance, technologies

Your colour laser printer or photocopier may be printing a hidden 'bar code' on every document. Continued »

February 4, 2008  10:14 AM

Garlik honoured as technology pioneers at Davos

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
Finance, identity, privacy, technologies

Privacy protection pioneers Garlik have been recognised for their innovation at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Continued »

January 30, 2008  9:06 AM

Keeping your bank details secure – how hard can it be?

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
context, Finance, incidents, privacy

This week's Downtime has called for an end to discussion about the attack on Jeremy Clarkson's bank account, but the incident does a lot to demonstrate the difference between privacy and security.

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