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June 11, 2008  9:07 AM

The Phorm effect spreads

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
BT, Data protection, incidents, Phorm, privacy

A little while ago I declared a closed season on Phorm, but this story merits coverage. The UK Information Commissioner has examined Phorm's OIX and Webwise offerings, and concluded...

May 16, 2008  8:53 AM

The US needs a federal privacy law

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
Data protection

The US has a wealth of state and federal laws intended to protect privacy, but what it doesn't have is a federal equivalent to the EU Data Protection Directive. There's

May 14, 2008  8:36 AM

ICO gets a big stick!

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Data protection

The Criminal Justice Justice and Immigration Act has received Royal Assent. Why does this matter? Because it gives the Information Commissioners Office new powers to fine organisations that deliberately or recklessly abuse the...

April 21, 2008  8:47 AM

Environment Agency takes phishing rather too literally?

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
consent, Data protection, incidents, privacy

A friend's application for an angling license reveals may reveal that the Environment Agency is either sloppy with its personal data or is deliberately obfuscating its privacy policies. If government is to build trust in its management of personal information, then these 'small...

April 7, 2008  5:52 PM

The end of biometric security at airports?

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Biometrics, Data protection, identity, Security, Surveillance, technologies

Media attention is shifting away from London Heathrow's new Terminal 5. A backlog of 28,000 bags is being cleared via Milan, and the number of cancelled flights seems to be gradually coming down. But what about the biometric security controls?

March 13, 2008  9:34 PM

Privacy bears its fangs for Phorm

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
consent, Data protection, privacy, technologies

Newcomer Phorm has ignited a row about online privacy. It's an old debate that's being brought back into the news by new technology, but the impact on Phorm's share price demonstrates the power of privacy concerns.

February 11, 2008  4:57 PM

Government paying out data loss compensation? Surely not

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
Data protection, incidents

An online service claims to be able to secure compensation for individuals who claim they were affected by the HMRC data loss incident.

Continued »

February 1, 2008  8:53 AM

The half-life of personal information

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
Data protection, incidents, privacy

Last year's data loss incidents have sparked a fascinating discussion that compares personally identifiable information with radioactive waste - and who is supposed to pay to clear it up.

January 30, 2008  5:48 PM

Context and CCTV

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
CCTV, context, Data protection, privacy

The Information Commissioner has published fresh guidance about acceptable use of CCTV cameras. The most notable part of this is a recommended ban on microphones to record conversations. Why is this such a big deal?

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