Identity, Privacy and Trust:

March, 2012

March 30, 2012  4:00 PM

The Great Liability Sinkhole

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identity, kyc, liability, risk

Building identity management systems is a doddle, it really is. All you've got to do is to knock up a web interface with a database behind it, offer a store for trusted attribute data, tie the lot to a federation standard like OpenID, market to the target user base and wait for the money to...

March 23, 2012  10:07 AM

Draft principles for the UK identity assurance programme

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Jerry Fishenden, Chair of the Cabinet Office Identity Assurance Programme Privacy and Consumer Group, has blogged the draft principles for the new identity assurance scheme, with a...

March 20, 2012  9:06 AM

Bring Our Bytes Back Home

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This week's Sunday Times (no link, it's behind the paywall) carries a double page 'exposé' of the trade in stolen personal data from Indian contact centres, data entry services, IT support helpdesks and hosting services. The article describes how undercover journalists were offered lists of...

March 8, 2012  5:49 PM

Time to pay for privacy?

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Google has been in the news again, this time for changes to its privacy practices, which involved consolidating around 60 statements into one to cover all of Google's...

March 3, 2012  6:34 AM

Weekend spring cleaning

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Firefox, Google

Bored? Killing time before the excitement of Monday's return to work? No, me neither, but either way Lifehacker is carrying a good set of tips to lock down privacy in your personal life, which is particularly timely in light of this week's

March 2, 2012  6:12 AM

Poacher turned gamekeeper?

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Identity assurance

Welcome back. Or if you've not been here before, Welcome. I've rather neglected this blog for the past two years because of other commitments, but hopefully I'm now in a position to restart writing...

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