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May, 2008

May 28, 2008  7:09 PM

Why we don’t need a security breach notification law

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens

Data Protection guru Chris Pounder has put forward an excellent argument that there is no legal requirement for a security breach notification law in the UK because we already have a...

May 27, 2008  9:18 AM

Cycling to Paris for Action Medical Research

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens

In light of James Garner's marathon effort, I'd like to put in a sponsorship plug for my forthcoming charity cycle ride. Please read on and lend your support!

May 23, 2008  12:27 PM

ID Cards – all five bidders go through

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ID cards

The Identity and Passport service has confirmed that all five bidding organisations - CSC, EDS, Fujitsu, IBM and Thales - have gone through to the next stage of procurement. This will give these companies the opportunity to bid for the first four packages of work.

May 23, 2008  9:48 AM

Party political hiccups

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
identity cards, privacy

The Crewe and Nantwich by-election has seen two notable trust hiccups:

May 18, 2008  3:43 PM

A victory for Heather – and common sense

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
freedom of information

Congratulations to Heather Brooke for her High Court win. Heather has fought the case to force MPs to reveal their expenses, and this should hopefully lead to an overhaul of the Commons' expenses system.

The attempt to bury MP's...

May 16, 2008  8:53 AM

The US needs a federal privacy law

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
Data protection

The US has a wealth of state and federal laws intended to protect privacy, but what it doesn't have is a federal equivalent to the EU Data Protection Directive. There's

May 14, 2008  8:36 AM

ICO gets a big stick!

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
Data protection

The Criminal Justice Justice and Immigration Act has received Royal Assent. Why does this matter? Because it gives the Information Commissioners Office new powers to fine organisations that deliberately or recklessly abuse the...

May 9, 2008  1:01 PM

Data Security Failings at DWP?

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
privacy, Security

According to a Press Association report, the Department for Work and Pensions has allegedly been breaching its own security policies:

Government staff have been sending out highly sensitive...

May 6, 2008  8:36 AM

CCTV fails to cut crime – so let’s take identity out of the equation

tobystevens tobystevens Profile: tobystevens
CCTV, Surveillance

A senior police officer has stated that the pervasive use of CCTV in the UK has failed to cut crime and is an 'utter fiasco'. with only 3% of London's street robberies being solved using security cameras.

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