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April 28, 2010  6:57 PM

Stickers on notebooks (they are designed to torture reviewers)

Kevin O'Brien Profile: TechnologyTester

These days when you go to purchase a notebook in a store you might notice that it is loaded with up with stickers. Generally some can be painless to remove (plastic ones) but paper stickers are by far the most annoying thing to deal with when we are in the process of getting a notebook ready to shoot. Sometimes instead of a clean removal we are left with a mix of paper and glue residue and someone has always taken the bottle of Goo Gone. Recently I want to say ASUS (?) has taken a new approach to stickers, putting all of them on a big plastic sheet which is stuck to the palmrest. In a simple one-step swipe they are gone forever to never be seen from again. If the guy or gal is out there who came up with this method, please know that at least one person out there loves it!

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