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February, 2010

February 26, 2010  6:36 PM

Telstra’s government broadband tangle could backfire on users

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Telstra’s problems with the government and the government-owned NBN Company subsidy policy have taken a new and potentially ugly turn as the latest legislation proposes that the NBN...

February 25, 2010  2:30 PM

WiMAX data apps find success; roaming agreements to come?

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Canada is about to get its first WiMAX service, since Craig Wireless plans to launch WiMAX in Vancouver this spring. The services will be similar to those offered in the U.S. by Sprint and...

February 24, 2010  2:30 PM

FCC broadband study measures U.S. adoption rates

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

An FCC study on broadband adoption seems to have gotten some of the numbers right. The study shows that about 78% of U.S. adults are Internet users, with about 6% getting dialup...

February 23, 2010  1:52 PM

Sprint’s WiMAX phone: A voice competitor to itself?

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Sprint is expected to release its first WiMAX phone this summer, and the launch may open a bunch of issues and opportunities in the world of evolving voice services. The issue is less whether something like...

February 22, 2010  2:08 PM

FCC broadband plan update causes concerns

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

The FCC released an "update" on its national broadband plan -- due next month -- and it does nothing to calm our concerns about where the plan is going. The sudden focus on 100...

February 19, 2010  2:08 PM

Juniper shows strong vertical network integration for Junos OS

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

We had a brief yesterday from a senior Juniper executive regarding the company’s software group strategy and we came away impressed. Juniper has a very strong vertical integration framework in its Junos operating system; it can link service-layer software literally down to the chip level in...

February 18, 2010  2:09 PM

Femtocells highlighted for heavy LTE network demand

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Guess what? Femtocells are coming! We’ve been talking about the role of femtocells in LTE as extending far beyond the home and extending to hospitality and enterprise sites. Now that’s being...

February 17, 2010  5:37 PM

FCC chair pushes 100 Mbps Internet expansion, stays mum on major concerns

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski this week jumped out to praise the notion of expanding 100 Mbps Internet to 100% of U.S. homes. We think that goal...

February 15, 2010  1:59 PM

GSMA developer program gets buy-in from multiple mobile operators

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

The GSMA, three handset vendors, and 24 mobile operators have combined to create the Wholesale Application Community, a program that’s designed to create a uniform developer program and...

February 11, 2010  2:51 PM

Misinterpreted Google broadband test jolts telecom industry

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

In the latest of many moves that the media and industry are apparently determined to misinterpret (probably with some encouragement from Google), search giant Google is being portrayed as the next...

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