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January, 2009

January 30, 2009  1:34 PM

Verizon and AT&T planning FMC transitions this year

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Verizon has discontinued its Voicewing VoIP service, a move that some find contradictory to the earlier introduction of “the Hub” a VoIP phone, and Verizon's femtocell announcement made this week. It’s actually the first logical step in the Verizon evolution.


January 29, 2009  2:49 PM

The Internet access traffic management flap, net neutrality and reality

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Google is releasing a set of tools from its Measurement Lab that are intended to help consumers figure out if their ISPs are doing them wrong with traffic management. The new tools capitalize on the flap created by the Comcast-FCC war on bandwidth management policies.

At the same time,...

January 28, 2009  4:10 PM

On Verizon’s and Tier One revenue…concerns beyond the economy

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Verizon wasn’t able to match analyst estimates for growth in Q1, but the company’s wireless unit increased revenues by 12%, even while subscriber growth slowed and losses increased slightly.

In the wireline area, Verizon continued to lose both business and residential fixed lines to...

January 27, 2009  2:55 PM

DPI: Use it, but don’t use it

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) continues to be a contentious topic, and service providers are so leery of regulatory intervention that they avoid words with any of those letters in them.

They’ve told us to ask vendors not to use the term—they prefer “application-specific routing”...

January 26, 2009  5:11 PM

Sprint layoffs are cautionary ARPU tale

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Sprint is a poster child for the...

January 26, 2009  2:08 PM

Verizon “Hub” VoIP to be FMC flagship

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Verizon will be launching a VoIP product, “the Hub”, that will also be the flagship of its FMC and likely femtocell position. The new product is designed to deal with the end-of-life issues facing TDM voice and to provide a lower-cost way of offering voice services without risking loss of...

January 23, 2009  4:31 PM

Cisco blade servers — part of a bigger plan?

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Rumors that Cisco was going to enter the blade server market have been swirling for a year now, and got some boost from being published in The New York Times this week. It appears from our sources that Cisco really is entering that market and will be making the announcement...

January 23, 2009  2:15 PM

CIMI Corp. analysis on critical telecom vendors

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

The February, March and April issues of our newsletter, Netwatcher, will include a special series on eight critical telecommunications vendors. We will present a SWOT analysis of each vendor based on our assessment of the critical market issues in 2009 and beyond.      -...

January 22, 2009  2:33 PM

Low financials pose strategic change challenges for vendors

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Nokia reported worse-than-expected numbers, which puts additional pressure on the broad-based players in the space, including Alcatel-Lucent. The problem these giants, which include Nortel, face is the need to combine their massive product families into symbiotic groups that can build better and...

January 21, 2009  2:33 PM

New report looks at broadband stimulus policy differences

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

The dust has all but settled on the broadband stimulus, which is clearly now going to be directed at a modest expansion of broadband to underserved areas. The bill has no money for broader stimulation of broadband deployment of any sort, and the only measure it contains that might impact the...

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