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March, 2008

March 28, 2008  1:24 PM

Comcast zeroes in on Internet “hog” management

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Comcast today announced it would change how it imposes traffic management constraints on Internet usage, discontinuing its focus on P2P applications and focusing instead on traffic management of “hogs” or users who create the largest amount of traffic. As a practical matter, the move will...

March 27, 2008  12:26 PM

Comcast and BitTorrent in P2P talks

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Comcast and BitTorrent are in talks over how to make P2P exchange less a traffic management problem for cable networks. There has been little detail released on this but the rumor is that Comcast is seeking a “topology-aware” hashing tree so peer uploads from one user on a cable span would...

March 26, 2008  12:18 PM

Juniper move signals original processor work?

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

David Yen, a kingpin in Sun’s revitalized microprocessor program, is leaving Sun for Juniper, where he will be an executive VP of Emerging Technologies, a move that certainly means that Juniper will be doing more original work with microprocessors and/or network processors. There has been a lot...

March 20, 2008  12:07 PM

Verizon open handset policy could promote loyalty

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Verizon Wireless is launching its “open handset” strategy, a move that may have more impact on cellular voice pricing than its cap plan did a short time ago. Under the new program, handset makers can certify against what Verizon says will be minimal requirements and then sell directly to...

March 19, 2008  7:50 PM

Mobile providers join to launch targeted ad service

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Five unnamed mobile service providers have joined with ValueClick to launch a service that targets better demographic targeting of mobile ads. The mechanism used for ad selection is heavily linked to behavioral targeting, and it seems clear that the move is the long-awaited move by some mobile...

March 18, 2008  1:09 PM

ECI enters Carrier Ethernet fray

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

ECI is entering the Carrier Ethernet market, leveraging in part the MPLS tools that the company obtained from Laurel Networks when it acquired that company. This space is a critical one because it is the focus of some fundamental debates—is Ethernet a service framework or a metro architecture,...

March 13, 2008  3:04 PM

AT&T bids out GPON-based FTTH

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

AT&T is working through its bidding process for GPON-based FTTH for new developments, a move that takes the company further down the path Verizon has already taken. It is not known how much of the Verizon architecture AT&T will mimic, and in particular if it will use the same linear RF...

March 12, 2008  5:02 PM

New mobile data pricing targets travelers

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

The mainstream tech publications are picking up the theme of “mobile voice is a commodity” and citing the new data plans such as Verizon’s plan for 5GB per month for $60 as proof. We think the conclusion on voice is correct (we’ve stated it ourselves, so that’s no surprise) but we...

March 10, 2008  2:39 PM

Juniper “gets” the network/computer vision

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Juniper held its analyst day on Thursday (March 6, 2008), and the company was more polished and articulate than on previous occasions. The message that the “online revolution” has created a demand for a new vision of network/computer coupling is strong and was supported strongly by a T-Systems...

March 3, 2008  2:18 PM

Golden Google: Signs of reality?

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Business Week has joined other publications and sources in noting that Google may be experiencing the signs of decay in its basic click-through ad model. Google’s stock sunk when its reported clicks dropped in January, and investors began to worry whether the Google model was...

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