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November, 2007

November 26, 2007  5:41 PM

Net neutrality at heart of Internet capacity issue

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

The study commissioned by the Internet Innovation Alliance that showed the Internet running out of capacity by the next decade is coming under criticism as favoring the telco perspective. We believe that the study's conclusions on Internet capacity...

November 21, 2007  1:53 PM

Carrier Ethernet creates equipment market shifts

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Research is confirming what many have noticed anecdotally: Cisco, Juniper and Nortel are gaining in the carrier router-switch market and Alcatel-Lucent is declining. The shift is likely driven in large part by the shifts toward Carrier Ethernet deployment from traditional routing, a shift that...

November 20, 2007  6:50 PM

Earthlink shuts down WiFi effort

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Earthlink has decided to shut down its efforts to create a series of municipal WiFi networks to bolster its sagging ISP business. The decision was inevitable in our view, because as we have noted often there is no way that fixed wireless technology can support consumer broadband requirements that...

November 20, 2007  3:33 PM

Internet traffic growth could be $150 billion problem

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

A study predicts that the unbridled downloading of content will increase Internet and broadband access traffic to the point where serious slowdowns could occur by 2010, and an investment of nearly $150B would be required to fix the problem. The exact numbers and dates here may require some...

November 16, 2007  2:10 PM

MoCA help for FiOS FTTH?

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Verizon has asked the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) to work on raising the maximum broadband capacity of MoCA to 400 Mbps, a move that may signal Verizon's interest in using MoCA to distribute video and broadband to multiple homes from a...

November 15, 2007  3:10 PM

Oracle launches telco OSS initiative

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Oracle is launching a major telco OSS initiative based on conformance with the Telemanagement Forum (TMF) SID data model and architecture. The move is an evolution of Oracle's growing interest in the carrier market, but it also represents a key step in its competition with IBM and perhaps for the...

November 13, 2007  3:36 PM

Google cellphone software announcement disappoints

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Google made its expected mobile announcement, but in an unexpected way. The company announced it was developing a free cellphone software package designed to move cellphones from voice instruments to portable terminals on the web, through what Google calls the "Open Handset Alliance."  The Google...

November 13, 2007  3:25 PM

Hammerhead Systems’ service-based PBT strategy

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Hammerhead Systems has announced a service-based PBT (Provider Backbone Transport) strategy that adds the MEF E-LAN and E-Tree connection models to the traditional PBT E-Line model. The move is the first in the industry to aim PBT directly at creating retail services rather than at managing traffic...

November 1, 2007  1:53 PM

Bad Sprint Nextel Earnings Raise Acquisition Questions

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Sprint Nextel has turned in another bad quarter with net dropping by 77%. The problem appears to be the loss of high-spend customers who prefer the coverage of rivals AT&T and Verizon. Sprint was perhaps the largest of the wireless carriers to rely on low-quality, bad-credit customers for...

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