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October, 2007

October 31, 2007  8:31 PM

Telcos vs. Cable at FCC: Telcos Win the Day

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

The FCC voted today on a number of matters that impact the competition between cable companies and telcos, and it appears that the telcos won the day. In one action, the FCC adopted a Second Report and Order that further clarifies the right of new market entrants to obtain fair process in...

October 30, 2007  2:04 AM

The wisdom of Google over the top “gPhone”?

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Google is reportedly ready to announce its "gPhone" plan, which is a part of Google's grand strategy to force wireless operators to open up to over-the-top services. The new phone will reportedly be "open" to the point where applications and services cannot be restricted. This means that if users...

October 29, 2007  1:48 AM

On FiOS growth and Verizon strategies…

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Verizon reported earnings that were higher than expected, but not a blow-out. The most interesting numbers released were for FiOS, which added over 200,000 customers in the quarter and is now approaching the three-quarters-of-a-million mark. And, like AT&T did earlier, Verizon is showing off...

October 25, 2007  1:58 PM

Stopping the revenue-per-bit plunge

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

October 25 2007 regarding the future of routers and routing. Internet pioneer Lawrence Roberts thinks that the cost of routing threatens the Internet's future. The view is somewhat self-serving given that Roberts is a founder of an alternative-to-routing company, and it also discounts some current...

October 24, 2007  2:08 PM

Verizon FiOS Symmetrical Service To Cause Others Pain?

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Verizon will be making a symmetrical version of broadband available to consumers at a very reasonable price in a move that seems certain to be a slap at the architectural limits of cable broadband. The FiOS symmetrical offer will provide 20 Mbps in both directions for $65 per month, according to AP...

October 24, 2007  2:02 PM

Juniper Quarterly Earnings Benefit from NGN Investment

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Juniper reported strong sales, with its infrastructure products up about 35% and its service-layer technology up 17%, beating Street estimates. The stock was lower in after-market trading, however. Some analysts expected even faster growth rates, and this will clearly put some pressure on Juniper...

October 20, 2007  1:32 AM

Comcast admits P2P interference

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Comcast has finally admitted to taking steps under its usage agreement to block or interfere with P2P traffic, at least that of BitTorrent. This is perhaps the first instance of a large access provider using their UA this way, but as we have noted before, it is inevitable that access carriers take...

October 19, 2007  1:29 AM

WiMAX revolution could be compromised

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

USA Today is reporting that the WiMAX revolution is about to happen, which in one extent we believe is correct. WiMAX is definitely going to be a major force in the market in 2009 and beyond, but it is also likely to be at the cusp of a major issue with broadband wireless, which is how to...

October 18, 2007  1:11 PM

DSL services, Internet taxes – goverment action

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

Regulators didn't surprise anyone today with their news, but the did relieve some tensions. The Third Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the FCC's classification of DSL as an information service, and the House voted to extend the ban on Internet taxes for four years. The former ruling was the most...

October 16, 2007  1:03 PM

AT&T to buy EchoStar to bolster U-verse?

Tom Nolle Tom Nolle Profile: Tom Nolle

AT&T is reported to be preparing to make an offer for EchoStar, the DBS company with which it partners for its Homezone service. We believe this to be a clear indication that AT&T recognizes that it cannot make U-verse available for a large population of its customers and that they will...

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