July 7, 2008  12:00 PM

CCNA Voice Certification

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

Cisco updates their exam tracks every few years and requires each certified person to re-certify every few years (typically 3). Recently they have introduced a new track for those wishing to pursue the VoIP side of things.

CCNA Voice Certification can be found here and outlines what you will need for this exam. The exam is a good addition to their already strong line of certifications and will increase their precense in the VoIP market.

July 6, 2008  8:16 PM

Cisco Router Emulator

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

Cisco hardware and software is extremely complex. When it comes to routers their abilities are unmatched which is why a lot of people strive for the Cisco certifications of CCNA, CCNP and the highly coveted CCIE. But who can afford to purchase 5 to 10 thousand dollars for the hardware that you would need in order to practice for those exams?

Cisco router emulators will the need just perfectly. While Cisco emulators have been around for a long time their success has been somewhat limited but their stability. Recently I was re-acquanted with a very good and very stable emulator named Dynagen.

The tool highly customizable, runs on Linux and Windows, can emulate several hardware platforms and allows you to add/remove hardware as needed. Perfect for testing and training.

June 25, 2008  2:59 PM

5 Sample BGP Configurations

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

Cisco’s documentation is some of the best for any IT product. With the fast pace that IT keeps for change and the complexity of the products that they make a hand has to be given to their technical writing department. To that end here is a link to five sample BGP configurations that anyone using BGP can find useful.

Load Sharing with BGP in Single and Multihomed Environments: Sample Configurations

June 25, 2008  12:20 PM

File Storage for the Mobile User

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get to your files whether you were at home or work or while traveling.While we are at it wouldn’t it be nice if those files could be easily published to the Internet. And wouldn’t it be nice if those files were backed up and had multiple versions that you could use?

Well hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer. Drop Box is a company that will provider all of those features and more. On their home page you can see a demo of the product. From what I can tell their product will be cross-platform as well meaning Linux, Windows and Macc computers can share files over a secure connection.

The company currently has the product in beta but it surmised that they will start opening up the beta shortly.

Get Drop

June 24, 2008  12:00 PM

How to determine if you can run Vista

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

Windows Vista has been on the market for over a year now. Although the market share is reported to small it is undoubtedly going to grow. Many people have bad experiences with Vista’s hardware and driver compatibility not to mention not being able to run your favorite video games.

In order to help in the nebulous area of Vista compatibility Microsoft has released the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. It will allow you to view a report outlining if your current hardware and applications will run with Vista. It comes with a nice GUI and try’s to help you make best decision about which version of Vista you should get.

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

June 23, 2008  2:38 PM

10 Dynamic DNS Services

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

If you have an Internet Service Provider that isn’t providing you with a static IP address for some reason then it can be a really hassle to continually find out your IP address. There are a variety of reasons why you might want to connect to your home or work place such as:

    – Retriving files that are at home while you are at work
    – Running a home based web or FTP site
    – Various webcam or IP based security devices

There are services that will track your IP address and give you a nice name to refer to the IP address with. There is usually a client that you will need to install on your computer or server that will report that IP address of your home or work to the DDNS provider. The client usually small and very light weight. With the exception of a few companies the “no-frills” version is usually free.

Dynamic DNS Providers:

    – DynDNS –
    – No-IP –
    – HN –
    – ZoneEdit –
    – ChangeIP –
    – Yi –
    – DHS –
    – DtDNS –
    – DyNS –
    – DNS2GO –

June 22, 2008  2:23 PM

MS HyperV versus VMWare ESX

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

Microsoft’s HyperVisor software is new to the market. While it always takes time for a new product to have the bugs worked out it seems that Microsoft’s offering the visualization market is making waves even at this early stage. VMWare is surely aware of this and is going to working on proving that their product is superior in the coming months. Either way, competition in any market makes the product better for consumers.

Check out this article that discuss the various high level differences between VMWare and MS’s HyperVisor

June 20, 2008  1:30 AM

FireFox 3 Released

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

The newest shiniest version of FireFox has been unleashed on the world. The improvements to this new version of FireFox are supposed to be vast and for the most part they significant in most way. However, the average user likely wont notice most of them.

Official FireFox site:

June 12, 2008  12:58 AM

Exchangeless Coorporate Contacts

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

Life would be great if everyone used the same centralized mail server. While Exchange is an option for most it is not an option for all. Here is a great post by someone who has a few alternatives if Microsoft or Exchange aren’t your thing.

June 10, 2008  12:57 AM

OpenSource Virtualization on Linux

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

VirtualBox is one of the best virtualization products that I have seen for a desktop user. It runs well and it makes life easier if you need to run applications on a PC but use Linux as your primary OS.

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