July 29, 2008  1:15 PM

VMWare Releases Enhanced Vmotion

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

The ability to VMotion between dissimilar processor types has been a limitation for VMWare’s ESX server. Just recently they released an announcement that they will be releasing an update to their product which will allow VMotion between certain types of dissimilar processor types.

VMWare’s Release

July 28, 2008  2:07 PM

VMWare Converter for System Backups

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

While there are several ways to image a desktop or server there are only a few that can go from the backup file to a running state without being converted or restored using a simlar method as the backup. VMWare converter is a free tool that allows you to take running OS’s and “convert” them to virtual versions of themselves.

While it may be a bit unorthodox using VMWare converter to backup your systems before a major change can really save you some time. The nice thing about using VMWare converter is that apart from being free it will give you a running OS as soon as it is done if you need recover from a failure.

July 27, 2008  2:19 AM

VMWare ESXi – Now Free

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

The tech world is abuzz with the news the VMWare will make their ESXi product free. The previously 500.00’ish product will be free to the general public by the end of the month.

For more information you can use these links:

July 22, 2008  1:41 AM

Lightweight Remote Troubleshooting Tool

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

We all need to troubleshoot remote computers/servers from time to time. While there are a wide number of remote troubleshooting tools out there most of them require the installation of an ActiveX control or an EXE that you have to download and install. The heavy weight applications abound but the light weight ones are far and few.

Inletex is small company that produces a little known product that requires that the remote client/computer/server download a small file and run it. The remote user enters a code which is given to them by controller. This method allows the controller (you in most cases) to have several sessions and distinguish them apart. The controlled is given back control at the end of the session.

If you are looking for a lightweight remote application give Inletex’s ERC client a try.

July 16, 2008  12:00 PM

Are you ready for Microsoft Hyper-V

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

Virtualization is popular these days for obvious reasons. Who wants to purchase more hardware then they need? Microsoft’s offering into the virtualization market is their Hyper-V solution. They have recently released the “Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.1 for Hyper-V”. An article from Technet on the topic can be found here.

July 15, 2008  12:00 PM

Xen Server Hardware Compatibility List

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

In a previous post i mentioned that with VMWare ESX server you will want to make sure that the hardware that you purchase will support the VMWare kernel properly. Here is the same compatibility list but for Citrix’s newly acquired Xen Server.


July 14, 2008  4:09 AM

VMWare Hardware Compatibility List

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

When looking at virtualization it is important to make sure that the hardware that you are going to use will work properly. If it doesn’t then all of the servers/desktops that rely on that hardware will crash or act erratically.

VMWare’s hardware compatibility list found here will allow you to make certain that there wont be any hardware related issues with compatibility.

July 10, 2008  12:00 PM

Cisco Packet Magazine

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

Cisco has it’s own magazine that it publishes where it explains up-coming features, what companies it purchased, how to perform common tasks and a whole bunch of other information. The magazine is really well put together and can be downloaded in PDF form for free here.

If you have any interest in Cisco equipment check it out.

July 9, 2008  12:00 PM

Generic Cisco RAM

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

Cisco routers and switches are like any other piece of computing hardware. It needs slow long-term storage and fast short-term storage. In the case of a Cisco 2821 router this equates to compact flash storage for the long slow storage and regular RAM for the fast short-term storage.

Typically, people think if I am going to add RAM to a Cisco router then I will need Cisco brand RAM. While the logic is sound it misses a standard point. The RAM in a Cisco router is the same RAM they sell off of eBay or for HP, IBM or Dell computers. You don’t have to purchase the Cisco brand.

Recently, we priced out some RAM for a Cisco 2821 for a 1 GB strip of the generic stuff it was just over 100 dolllars. The Cisco RAM was about 3,000 dollars for basically the same thing.

The moral of the story, make sure you know what your buying.

July 8, 2008  12:00 PM

Cisco Feature Comparison Tool

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

The need for more robust hardware is always a struggle. Cisco hardware is very exspensive so you always want to do more with it than you origianlly intended. What seems to always end up happening for me is that I load the IOS with just the features that I need and then later I need to a feature that isn’t in that version of the IOS. The question is always “Which version of the IOS does what I need it to do”?

Now there is a tool that will allow you to compare the features of the different flavours of Cisco IOS. The Cisco Feature Navigator FAQ found here allows you to compare and contrast different flavours of different of the same version of the IOS or different versions of the same flavour. It is a tool worth checking out.

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