August 27, 2008  12:02 PM

VMWare Kernel Isn’t Linux … Mostly

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

A pretty common misconception is that VMWare is based on Linux. That isn’t “officially” true. While there have been some rumors otherwise the official word from VMWare is that ESX (their bare-metal product) boots the system on a small “micro-kernel” they call the VMKernel. According to everything that I can find VMWare runs their OS off of their own manufactured product and use Linux to interact with or manage their product.

With ESXi they have stripped out large chunks of that the managing OS that is Linux and are working on beefing up their own OS. The idea is a good one but if you were to strip out all off the management of the product would you still have a product? One of the things that makes ESX great is it’s ability to be easily managed. If you take that away what are you left with?

So I would say that VMWare isn’t based on Linux … mostly.

One person stepping through the architecture

VMWare forum discussing the topic

Wikipedia article

August 26, 2008  12:00 PM

Enhanced VMotion Compatibility (EVC) processor support

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

EVC – The KB article on EVC (1003212) has been updated to be more comprehensive.

The KB article on EVC processor support has been updated with more information on the specific models of processors that are supported. You can find the info here.

August 26, 2008  1:57 AM

Microsoft Supports Other HyperVisors

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

Microsoft has changed their licensing so that they are more “friendly” to competing hypervisor products. This also extends to their support of their products on other hyper-v platforms which currently are Xen, VMWare and Novell’s virtualization product.

While they are supporting several additional virtualization platforms they are not extending this level of support to all of their products. For a complete list and the press release see the links below.

List of Supported Products

Microsoft Press Release

Microsoft Support Article

August 15, 2008  12:00 PM

One-Stop Virtualization Shop

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

In the virtualization market there are a number of players. There is Citrix Xen Server, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare server on the bar-metal and OS virtualization side of things. But on there is also application virtualization of applications with Microsoft’s Soft-Grid and virtualization of desktops with VMWare’s VDI.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one place that you could go to discuss all of these technologies. Review the information in a website that wasn’t trying to sell you anything or support a particular bias. There is a new website just launched that endeavors to do just that. The website is very new so the information that it has right now will be sparse but the catalog of information that it will retain will soon be quite formidable.

If you have questions or even if you have answers about virtualization of any kind check it out here.

August 13, 2008  12:00 PM

XP Still Out-Selling Vista

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

Windows Vista has been out for over a year now. If an operating system is going to make any head-way in the IT industry it needs to happen soon after the release. While there is a slim chance the OS could a late bloomer that is pretty unlikely given it current state. So much so that people will buy Vista only to install XP after the fact (see link below). In a few recent articles Windows XP is still outselling Windows Vista.

Vista is one of those operating systems where people aren’t totally sure where they want to fall or what side they want to be on. On the one hand I truly believe that people are ready for and want a new operating system but on the other hand they see too many people and companies who have been burned by the Windows Vista OS. Most people are still in the wait-and-see state which isn’t good for this OS because it is ends up giving it a bad name. What have you found in your workplace?


Information on doing the downgrade yourself

Good start place

Vista to XP Downgrade Report

August 12, 2008  12:00 PM

Microsoft-HyperV versus VMWare Workstation

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

How does the performance of Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology stand up against some of the more entrenched companies? Well, a not-so-scientific study was done recently to answer this very question. While I admit that this isn’t a “study” the results are interesting.

Here is a link to the actual article.

August 9, 2008  7:12 PM

Vista Security By-Passed

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

The fact that Windows Vista’s security has been by-passed isn’t new it bears repeating enough to make sure that everyone has heard this. Basically the security in Windows’s Vista and Windows Server 2008 that was supposed to make the new operating system more secure than any previous operating systems from Microsoft hasn’t helped them. At the Black Hat conference that is going on two guys, one from IBM and one from VMWare, found a way to

It seems that their attempts have only made the situation worse, since from what I can tell, the vulnerability is easy to create, hard to stop and could become a plague overnight. Here are some links to help you sort out the topic for yourself.

TechTarget with some really nice info,289142,sid14_gci1324395,00.html?track=NL-105&ad=655332&asrc=EM_USC_4197765&uid=27092

More technical and more in-depth

July 31, 2008  9:03 PM

Self-Service Password Management SharePoint Webpart

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

Allows users to manage their passwords via SharePoint.

The Dot Net Factory

July 31, 2008  9:00 PM

Novell iFolder for Replication

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

Off-line files/folders is nice but it doesn’t work when you are on the road. iFolder is an open source product developed initially by Novell. It gives you a folder that will do block level synchronization over the Internet. You can check out iFolder here.

July 31, 2008  2:59 AM

Additional Remote Access App

Joshua Wood Joshua Wood Profile: Joshua Wood

There are several remote access applications out there. LogMeIn is one that has been around of a while but is worth looking at nonetheless.


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