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May, 2010


May 21, 2010  1:08 PM

Can Google Succeed Where Tivo Hasn’t?

Jamison Cush Jamison Cush Profile: Jamison Cush

Tivo is amazing. Not the service, which was amazing ten years ago when it was introduced but is now common, but rather it’s place in tech. It’s become so synonymous with digital recording and time shifting, that Tivo is a verb, similar to the way one “googles” instead of performs an...

May 18, 2010  2:25 PM

The Eye-Fi Fix

Jamison Cush Jamison Cush Profile: Jamison Cush

"To inform the buying decision," that’s the gadget reviewer’s creed. We like to think that on top of having incredibly fun jobs, we also provide much needed service to consumers. But we sometimes forget that manufacturers and product managers also read the reviews for insights into their...

May 14, 2010  1:31 PM

A Quarter of a Million Dollars for the Flick of a Switch

Jamison Cush Jamison Cush Profile: Jamison Cush

Pop quiz: what area of IT produces the most waste for business? Printers with their ink and paper? Data centers and servers with their cool-air requirements? Nope, it’s PCs and monitors. They account for 39% of all industry-level energy waste according to Pat Tiernan, executive direct of

May 10, 2010  10:05 AM

Flip SlideHD Reviewed

Jamison Cush Jamison Cush Profile: Jamison Cush

One product tech experts have recently put on their endangered species list is the pocket camcorder. Just like the extinct PDA, it is expected to be displaced by smartphones offering increasingly better picture and video capabilities combined with connectivity for easy uploads to photo and video...

May 6, 2010  2:24 PM

iPad Eating into Netbook, iPod Touch Sales

Jamison Cush Jamison Cush Profile: Jamison Cush

After peaking with a staggering 641% year-over-year (YoY) growth rate in July 2009, netbook sales slowed to 5% YoY growth for April 2010, according to Morgan Stanley as reported by Fortune. [caption id=""...


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