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August 19, 2016  9:31 PM

Taking a look at the CDO – Chief Data Officer, that is

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

A visit to the MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium  was a springboard for musing upon a leadership role that emerged in the wake of the 2008 Wall Street debacle. Back then, the question was ‘where is your data?’ The question now is ‘where are you going with your data, and can a CDO take you there?’ Listen to this podcast.

July 14, 2016  5:49 PM

Report highlights weakness in analytics implementations

Ed Burns Ed Burns Profile: Ed Burns
Analytics, Big Data, Big Data analytics

Many businesses have yet to fully capitalize on their investments in big data and analytics technologies.

That’s one of the main takeaways from a new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit and ZS Associates. Report authors surveyed businesses across the country to gauge their success with analytics technologies and many of the responses were surprising.

Analytics tools are now seen as almost a no-brainer where the value seems fairly obvious. To be sure, when implemented and used wisely, the tools can be game changers for enterprises. But the report suggests that few are reaping the full promised benefits. Take a listen to this interview with ZS associate principal Dan Wetherill to hear more about why some businesses are struggling.

June 29, 2016  7:57 PM

Thoughts of Bletchley Park

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

The opportunity to celebrate 50 years of publication at Computer Weekly proved also the occasion for some musings on the big picture of British computing over the years, when CW’s Brian McKenna joined Ed Burns and Jack Vaughan for the Talking Data podcast.  The discussion turned to the role of new technologies like Hadoop in London’s frenetic financial services industry. It included a consideration of the influence that the vaunted Bletchley Park development center had on the course of U.K technology.

June 27, 2016  6:34 PM

Spark Summit 2016 shows off new features

Ed Burns Ed Burns Profile: Ed Burns

While adoption of Spark continues to grow, this year’s Spark Summit highlighted some of the ways in which the big data processing engine is still a work in progress. In particular, it’s stream analytics processing engine continues to struggle with a few hiccups that can limit its utility. That said, presenters still by and large believe Spark is the best option for streaming analytics, as other tools are even further  behind in maturity.

The Summit also featured comments from Doug Cutting, the originator of Hadoop, on where the open source data processing industry is headed and what might be next. Take a listen to this edition of Talking Data to hear more about these topics and  more from the 2016 Spark Summit.

May 17, 2016  7:30 PM

Big data drives growth in AI development

Ed Burns Ed Burns Profile: Ed Burns
Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Big Data analytics

The development of AI had been stalled out for years, but all of a sudden there’s been a huge surge in interest. Why now? The answer is big data. It turns out big data was the missing knowledge bank that was needed to make machines truly intelligent. But now that enterprises have stashed huge volumes of data, they are starting to unleash learning algorithms on it, creating large-scale learning opportunities.

April 21, 2016  6:38 PM

Kafka and Spark Streaming

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

Kafka and Spark Streaming are arising as central parts of new real time data architecture. In this podcast, the Talking Data crew hooks up with Jay Kreps and Doug Cutting, of Confluent and Cloudera, respectively, who outline some of big data streaming’s pertinent facts.

March 14, 2016  7:23 PM

PBS documentary takes a look at big data benefits

Ed Burns Ed Burns Profile: Ed Burns
Analytics, Big Data

The recent PBS film The Human Face of Big Data stirred plenty of reaction of social media and in blogs. In this edition of Talking Data, we take a look at what the show got right and what it might have missed.

The documentary was certainly a high-level overview of big data geared mostly toward a popular audience. With that in mind, it did do a good job of introducing some positive examples of big data and analytics. But while the show was not uncritical, particularly around the areas of privacy and security, it missed some important opportunities to discuss the potential downside of big data, mainly as it relates to distributing the benefits of technology throughout society.

Take a listen to this podcast to hear more about how people are reacting to the documentary.

March 11, 2016  10:18 PM

Real time and batch: The convergence is upon us

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

Batch processing came, went and returned. Now it may be leaving again, MapR’s Jack Norris tells the Talking Data podcaster Jack Vaughan in our latest episode. According to Jack Norris, senior vice president of data and applications, we will see more convergence in real time and batch architecture as Apache Spark joins Hadoop, and event streaming is matched with big data storage in the world of big data. Norris spoke about this and other pressing data topics in the podcast.

February 29, 2016  8:50 PM

Machine learning: Moving to mainstream?

Jack Vaughan Jack Vaughan Profile: Jack Vaughan

In this episode of the Talking Data podcast, Ed Burns and I discuss use cases for machine learning. Vibrant application areas include insurance risk analysis, credit scoring, recommendation engines and digital ad placement. While machine learning does seem to undergird a lot of modern big data analytics work, implementations still remain largely the province of the advanced data scientist.  Machine learning methods have deep roots in statistics and artificial intelligence, and how quickly these methods can go mainstream remains a matter of conjecture. Check out podcast, and stay tuned.

February 15, 2016  4:39 PM

Assessing the reality behind the IoT analytics hype

Ed Burns Ed Burns Profile: Ed Burns
Analytics, Big Data, Big Data analytics, iot

There’s not doubt that IoT analytics has become one of the most hyped technologies in 2016, but behind the hype, there may be a glimmer of promise. In this edition of Talking Data, we try to look beyond all the excitement to see signs that the promise of IoT analytics is for real. We assess various ideas, such as analytics at the edge, smart cities and data privacy and security, and how they are likely to play out when businesses start to analyze IoT data.

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