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May 16 2008   2:45PM GMT

Slow Tech Week

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. It’s been a slow boring tech week for me here and I have been pondering what I should post about all week and I have a big empty bag of nothing to post about. At least not much in the POWER or i arena.

I am now living in Charlotte, NC and it’s kind of the home of NASCAR now and this week has been ALL-STAR week so not much going on here with that either. Sadly the city does not seem to give two winks about placing some local hype around the fact that the largest sporting event in the US right now is having it’s ALL-STAR weekend and you live here right next to all the fun,  maybe you should come on out. Instead we get nothing. I think Charlotte has mis-managed the presents of NASCAR int he area and forgets it brings over 1 Billion dollars to the state every year.  Once again local cities and state governments ignore the people. So that has nothing to do with tech but I thought about it all week and I read and searched for any information about NASCAR in Charlotte this week.

I did happen to find an old Navy buddy of mine this week after searching for him for over a decade (My Listing). He is just a few hours away. It was one of the highlights of my week. Stew and I spent our first three commands together and I really missed just cutting up with Stew. He is a blast most days and pretty easy going. If you have been in the service go check out Together We Served. They have one for each branch of service so it should be an easy way to connect up with others. ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE MARINE. For a small annual fee you get to be a full member and I think it’s well worth the cost.

The OLPC project I think is way over-rated. Way to much press on it and I think it all depresses me. I had the opportunity to use one recently and was not impressed with it and think while the idea is good and it’s nice it’s not vapor wear  but I don’t think it’s making it to the hands of the people who need it. I have nothing to support that only there are no big stories about thousands of kids in far off places getting big shipments of OLPCs? I could be wrong.

Ubuntu 8.04 is out and you all knew that but what I have not done is installed it on my PC at home. I have a pretty nice gaming rig, it has an ASUS mother board AMD 6000 64bit Dual Core CPU, 2 GB or RAM, 2 MSI nVidia 8600 GTS Over clocked Video Cards in SLi mode and some other stuff. I like to play America’s Army, COD4, and a few other games. It’s a nice rig and plays them all really well without glitches. I use XP as my OS on that machine. Ubuntu 7.10 and 7.04 would work once I installed the the second video card and placed the SLi strap on it. Ubuntu just was angry about that arrangement. So I had given up in it. I would run Ubuntu Server on a VM on my Mac and call it a day.  So I installed Ubunut 8.04 and you know what, it didn’t die or not work. Ubuntu 8.04 works, and i have the nVidia driver loaded and all seems well. I didn’t have some trouble with the boot loader but fixed it after a few minutes of working on it. The average user would have been stumped but there is a Super GRUB kit that helped me fix it. So me and Ubuntu are pals again.

I mostly tinker on Ubuntu as MacOSX is my main computer on my MacBook PRO but I have to use Linux for some things and I like to help out other Linux people from time to time so Ubuntu is working good for me most days. I considered moving to OpenSuSE but still don’t like what they have done with KDE. It’s ugly and to confusing. KDE 3 is a huge mess and I have not played with KDE 4 yet in hopes they get the ugly out before I see it.

Top Gear is my new TV addiction. I don’t watch that much TV but I have just fallen head over heals for the BBC program called TOP GEAR. I have watched in the past and have always enjoyed it but lately I have just really gotten into the show and even made a purchase from the web site to let people know “I AM NOT THE STIG”

I seem to spend a small amount of each day keeping up with my “peeps”, and one of the site where I like to keep track of people is LinkedIN. If you are not on LinkedIN please go sign up today. It’s a great site to help you find your way around and seek out new people who you can interact with on a business level.

Well that is all for me right now. I hope this makes up for not posting much. I am sure I will get a stern talking to by the HEAD BLOGGER about not posting. It was just a pretty boring week for me in IT, and I tried and tried to find something to share but could not bring myself to think anything was interesting. IBM did some releases this week with the i and I think they approved LTO4 for the i, but that is boring too in that it should have been out months ago when the LTO4 was released. Oh well….see nothing exciting.

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