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Mar 10 2008   1:30AM GMT

Saving trees at COMMON this year

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

I have decided not to let COMMON print my sessions so that they can save paper. If you want to have a hand out at my sessions you will need to print it out and bring it with you. I will have that posted soon. I am finding this years sessions harder to get done/perfect as it’s my first year giving most of them and I have to rewrite most of them from scratch.

Let’s talk about that for a bit too. Some people would ask why are you not having COMMON print those handouts and I ask, why would you want them to print all those handouts when we are knee deep in the digital age and your still wanting handouts to doodle on in my sessions?

I will give in and tell you in the past at COMMON I have liked at times having the hand outs in hand, but later when I got home found them to be a waste of my time. Most of the time the session presenter just gives you a copy of his presentation. This is the ipidomy of LAZY! I know that is what they call stirring the pot but I don’t care. Last year was my first year presenting and I was witness to what I would have called crying like a little girl, no offense to little girls, by some of the long time COMMON presenters (mainly one). I would also like to point out that I attended one of Randall Munson’s sessions and was enlightened as to what he expected of me and it was very good direction indeed. I am going to have two things per session for you all to eat up. My session slides are just that, “My Session Slides”, and nothing more. You the attendee will also get a handout that you can download to your laptop, blackberry, iPhone, or some type of document viewing device and bring it with you. I am going to post them here on this site and I am going to post them on my other blog as well, plus on the COMMON web site too. They will always be avalible for you to download and review.

I would also like to let you all know I will be making the presentation avalibe to you if you want it. I know some people love to print it out and place it in nice dark place and that is your own doing. But I am making it avalible to you for the purposes of giving it again. Say you want to take parts of my presentation and give it to a group. Please have at it. What an honor to have your work taken from your tired hands and reworked to share with more people. I am PRO-SHARING!

Lastly I would like to point out first I am a meat eater and love going fast, I am not a tree hugger or a hippie, but I think this saves the COMMON organization money and time. It also saves a few trees. I saw just this morning that another blogger on ITKE was recommending the very same thing.

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  • Ericjooka
    David, There is a HUGE piece of misinformation you are spreading. Trees used for paper are a completely renewable resource. When you use paper, you are not "saving" a tree. Trees DO need to be saved from deforestation, etc.. but mostly due to reclaiming land for farming, or selling the wood for (non-paper) purposes. Conservation and recycling are certainly a great cause, and a green cause, but using paper is NOT the problem. When you say you are saving a tree by NOT printing something, you are propagating a myth. The reference to the other ITKE blogger is interesting - there are 4 out of 7 things NOT related to paper and trees. My favorite was setting the "power saving mood" of the printer. Anyway, please don't continue to spread the "less paper saves trees". It simply is not true. Trevor
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  • David Vasta
    Tevor, Trees are made from Paper, but it take energy to make paper out of tree, If when you cut down a tree it suddenly turned into paper then I would agree but I have been on the business end of paper. I used to cut down the trees. Those trucks take large amounts of fuel to run, the plants that process them take large amounts of energy to make the paper out of said tree and in the end paper, or the tree is renewable, but the process is not. No one is making for OIL to make more energy. I think you are grasping at a little something to make a ridiculous point. Of all the things you have knowledge of and are willing to share you want to make this your post, then so be it. When I do not print on paper I am saving paper am I not? Granted the paper will be used some place else it's no being used by me for that task but may be used later for something else but in any event I saved paper. I think you also are making something from the phase "Saving Trees", it's bigger than that. I am not just saving tree sir, I am in fact saving energy. If they don't print my session and haul it to Nashville from COMMON Chicago then we are saving energy. So find something else to pick on me about like you have in the past but this was a waste of both our time. -David
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  • David Vasta
    I also thought of this....If I were to say we are going green would I get the third degree because I am not turning green, literally? You know, if I wanted to go green I would have to really do it by the book and use some green paint or at least some food coloring right? Find a new topic Trevor, it's not your bag baby.
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