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February 12, 2009  2:17 AM

UCLA – FDR’s policies prolonged Depression by 7 years, UCLA economists calculate

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LINK :: UCLA – FDR’s policies prolonged Depression by 7 years, UCLA economists calculate

While this has nothing to do with the IBM i or POWER Systems, it has everything to do with the IBM i and POWER Systems. We can’t afford what OBAMA and the Government is offering right now. It would cripple the world as we know extend the problems for years to come.

February 9, 2009  8:40 PM

Holy Countersuit Apple Man!

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I know, I know…..It’s not IBM i news, but Apple once used a POWER chip and I am a hug fan of MacOSX. Pystar won round one of the countersuit in court the other day. Apple I would think is not worried, but this has serious implications, and now there is a company in Gernamy doing the same thing Pystar was doing……

February 8, 2009 (Computerworld) A federal judge last week ruled that Psystar Corp. can continue its countersuit against Apple Inc., giving the Mac clone maker a rare win in its seven-month-old battle with Apple.

He also hinted that if Psystar proves its allegations, others may then be free to sell computers with Mac OS X already installed.

In an order signed on Friday, U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup gave Psystar the go-ahead to amend its lawsuit against Apple. According to Alsup, Psystar may change that countersuit, which originally accused Apple of breaking antitrust laws, to instead ague that Apple has stretched copyright laws by tying the Mac operating system to its hardware.”

February 8, 2009  3:23 PM

Trip down memory lane for Linux users

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I found Linux in the fall of 1997. I was in the Best Buy in Savannah, GA looking for something to buy and saw a red box, I hd heard of Linux, and knew about UNIX, plus at that point I was a pretty decent AS/400 user and admin. So I read the box, labeled REDHAT 5.1, and took it to the check out. That day was a very pivotal point in my geek life. I then spent the next few months trying to understand what I had stumbled on. I nevr could get it installed like the back of the box displayed, but it didn’t stop me. When I started working for IBM in Atlanta, there were some Linux users there and they had a mini-convention. I picked up a copy of SuSE Linux 2 or 3. That was when SuSE waqs still owned by the Germans and they were at the convention too.

So here is a LINK to the throw back site. I still have many of the Distros in my office and didn’t like each on for whatever reason, but never gave up the idea of running Linux instead of Windows.

February 1, 2009  2:49 AM

IT Jungle : Four Things to Beware of During a System Upgrade

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LINK :: IT Jungle – Admin Alert: Four Things to Beware of During a System Upgrade

by Joe Hertvik

As I reported a few weeks ago, i5/OS V5R3 loses IBM support as of April 30th, which may cause many iSeries and System i shops to upgrade their operating systems in the next few months. If you’re currently working on a V5R3 upgrade, here are four things that you should watch out for as you plan your upgrade.

Thanks Guys. Great Article!

January 31, 2009  3:43 AM

January 2009 – Wrap up and Thoughts

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Well January 2009 is over. Time is flying and the economy is not getting much better is it? It’s getting harder to work harder when you are seeing people loose their jobs. I hate it when the economy goes to the crapper. I don’t like it one bit, and the media, in my opinion, is not helping. They are not reporting anything but news that would make a normal well mannered person want to go jump off a bridge. I am not suggesting you do that but why can’t the media report something other than bad bad bad all the time.

We have a running joke in our house when the news is on, you can almost her them saying, if you watch this news your family could die, and we all just laugh. The truth is the media never wants to report the fuzzy, happy, stories. I think it kills them.  I would like to see one day a week when the media does not make me want to turn the news off with all the bad news and do some good news.

I am also tired of companies keeping on CEOs that make millions and all this while the company is tanking and they get to lay off  5000 people. Hey CEO person, cut you and your EXECS salary down to 100K a year and then start cutting jobs. The way I see it we can either fire one $5 million a year EXEC or 300 people. Hummm. I will keep the 300 people who work hard and really need the money and let the one do nothing exec. figure it out. I get tired of hearing about bonuses too from companies that were telling us they needed a hand out 6 months ago and passed out money to retain executives. You have to be kidding me?

I hope the economy comes back soon and I hope all the people I know who don’t have work find some. How can we solve this economic problem. We can spend a little. I really don’t think it’s as bad as the government says it is either. We were out tonight trying to find a place to eat and every place was packed. The shops were packed and the mall was busy. Nothing but big companies seem to be doing bad who miss managed money and kept on to many high payed execs.

I also can’t wait to be in RENO and here what fancy story IBM has worked up as to why the IBM i and POWER Systems sales numbers are all off. Who will they blame? I am sure no System i’ and iSeries servers are coming off lease in 2009, they all somehow came off last year and none of them are going to be delivered this year?  While IBM lays off people they still fail to know how to sell some of the best hardware in the business. Funny DELL and HP are figuring it out and they are putting Windows onto their server and they still sell? What is the IBM i missing that it can’t seem to fly of the shelves at IBM? Sales staff? NO! Price? Maybe? Commitment from IBM? Maybe? A one sentence tag line? YES? How about CIOs and IT Managers who undrstand it and can order it today and get it next week? YES, we need that.

Why can’t I order an IBM i from IBM today and get it by next Friday? WHY?

You don’t have to answer I know it already and plan to ask it in RENO!

January 28, 2009  8:02 PM

Digital TV Transition Delay Bill Failed to Pass?

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Digital TV Transition Delay bill failed again and I think it’s a good thing. Would this not help spur on sales of new TVs and more Digital Products for homes?  I am all for the switch over and think it would help the economy rather than hurt it? Comments?

LINK :: Digital TV Transition Delay Bill Failed to Pass

January 28, 2009  3:43 PM

Lotus Notes to Sharepoint Blog

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I have been reading as much as I can about Sharepoint and why it just is no comparison to Lotus Domino Application Development. There is a blog out there that is pointing all this out and I think the person posting is at the end of his or her rope and posted this recently:

“My time is either spent doing a lot more configuration(in Sharepoint) than coding, or I am fighting the platform with code to try to bend it to my will. I like using technology to solve problems, not fighting technology to create basic business process applications.”

This is about all that needs to be said. Sharepoint is not a drop in solution for anything Lotus has to offer. They are just not the same in any way shape or form.

So if you are thinking about moving to Sharepoint from Lotus, or for any reason. Know there are much better solutions out there than Sharepoint I assure you.


January 27, 2009  3:08 PM

Moving from Lotus to Exchange is costly and a step backwards

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You don’t need to tell me anything about how much a move from Lotus Domino/Note to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook is going to cost these days. It’s going to be expensive. Even with a light investment in Lotus and only  few production DBs, an average company is not prepared for the cost involved. I pointed out in  a previous post that it’s idiotic and stupid to move from the IBM i or any installed technology to a different solution ( LINK ).

No some comments have surfaced on Network World that are interesting and true.

We stopped the move to Exchange

“I work for a 15k+ organization, and we stopped our migration to Exchange, in part because of the costs to migrate, but also because we found out we could save money moving to Domino 8.5. Our application developers are excited about Domino as a development platform again, and that alone will prove to be a huge ROI.”

Read the Article that sparked the comments.

I know of a company in Denver that I worked for at one time that has about 3,000 – 4,000 users who in my words . . .

Lotus did not fail them, they failed Lotus.

What does that mean David?

Let me tell you!

Lotus is not just mail. Lotus is many many things. Of which 20% is mail. The rest is Web Serving, Mail Archiving, Database Server, and Application Server all wrapped up into one. Many companies get Lotus installed and get t working then fail to use all it;s pieces. Sadly if you would have spent the time and money to develop some applications in Lotus Notes and deploy them your company would benefit from them. I even suggested a few years back that IBM give away 80 hours of consulting time to help the new company deploy an application so they could see the value. That 80 hours would have gone a long way in consulting dollars later on.

See if you just focus on the Mail bit you are missing the point. Microsoft is good at making sure you only focus on the mail and oh you want to do something with your applications? We can move those to Sharepoint. Well I am telling you it’s not that easy. Moving applications from Domino to Sharepoint is like expecting a VW Bug to out perform a Ferrari just because it has round rubber things and run on gas.

They are not the same. Lotus does all of these things well, and you can have them all on the same server if your smart bout it. In Microsoft world you can’t have your Exchange Server on the same servers as your Chat Server along with your Sharepoint Server. If you did you would be the oldest man in IT from lack of sleep and general frustration.

There are also the CIOs and IT Managers who read the propaganda Microsoft is sending them that says “Everyone is moving to Exchange” and they think, crap I don’t want to be left out….so they start moving to Microsoft, no matter what the cost, but the biggest question is what about the investment you already have in your current solution? How does the CEO allow that to get thrown out the window? You spent  and continue to spend to keep Lotus Notes, and yet a 4 to 8 times increase in cost is worth it for the benefit of increasing energy consumption, increase cooling needs and increase the number of servers you are going to have to deploy vs. keeping a few Lotus Domino Servers to manage large numbers of users and applications. Plus Lotus is not nearly as expensive as Microsoft’s solution. Plus how much is a .NET Developer license again? Lotus, last I checked, does not charge for the developer license. It’s apart of the client.

If you are thinking of moving off Lotus Domino/Notes to Exchange/Outlook/Sharepoint/Communications, ask yourself….is this the best way for use to spend money right now and would this money not be better spend hiring a Lotus Designer/Developer to increase our productivity and also increase the ROI we could be getting out of Lotus products?

Well this is good news:

LINK :: More firms switching from Microsoft’s Outlook to Lotus

January 23, 2009  1:21 PM

IBM Closes 2008 on a High, i Sales Unclear – IT Jungle

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LINK :: IBM Closes 2008 on a High, i Sales Unclear – IT Jungle

Wall Street got a chance to catch its breath a little yesterday after the market closed when IBM announced its financial results for the fourth quarter, a quarter that was impacted by the economic crisis last summer and fall but one in which Big Blue nonetheless was able to pull out of the fire profit-wise by cutting costs. More importantly, perhaps, IBM’s top brass reaffirmed that they were on track, despite the state of the global economy, to meet aggressive profit targets.

In the fourth quarter, which bore the brunt of the economic meltdown and which saw 1.53 million layoffs of full-time workers in the United States, IBM did see a decline in sales. But aggressive cost cutting and margin management allowed the company to actually beat the estimates Wall Street was making about IBM’s possible profits in the quarter. (As if we trust even a tenth of what Wall Street says these days.) IBM’s sales worldwide actually declined by 6.4 percent to just a hair over $27 billion, but despite that decline, IBM held gross margins and actually boosted net income by 12 percent to $4.43 billion. And because IBM buys back buckets of its own shares each quarter “to return value to its shareholders,” er, to financially engineer its earnings per share growth, IBM was still able to show a 17.1 percent increase in EPS to $3.28 in the quarter. While not a miracle, this is nonetheless a fine piece of piloting in some pretty rough waters. No question about that.

January 23, 2009  1:20 PM

COMMON – Please Register Now for RENO

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LINK :: To register for COMMON in 2009 in RENO, NV

Save the date for the COMMON’s 2009 Annual Meeting and Exposition in Reno, Nevada, taking place from April 26 – 30, 2009 – the largest gathering of the Power Systems user community. Registration is now open – click here to register!

This is COMMON’s largest educational event of the year. Five full days of in-depth IBM i and AIX education that includes all-day pre-conference workshops, all-day Integrated Seminars, open labs and a wide variety of regular-length sessions.

The Annual Meeting will kickoff on Sunday, April 26th with the Opening Session, followed by four days of leading-edge IBM i and AIX-related education, closing with the fun and exciting Power Down Main Event on Thursday, April 30th. Of course, as is expected from all COMMON conferences, there will be plenty of social and networking events taking place throughout the week.

The COMMON 2009 Annual Meeting and Exposition is the premier educational and networking event that you and your team will not want to miss.

Be sure to schedule time to browse the world’s largest Power Systems Exposition. Make sure to allow plenty of time because it encompasses more than 90 industry exhibitors including IBM. The COMMON Exposition provides a one-stop source of up-to-the minute information and ideas for the IT industry. Discover what’s new in the IBM i and AIX world and give your company ways to reduce costs and improve productivity. Also, since many different technologies are on display, you can compare alternatives and determine what’s right for you.

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