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September 15, 2008  2:37 PM

Ohh Ohh – Power 550 i Edition Versus Windows: Get Big Discounts on i Software

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Link :: Power 550 i Edition Versus Windows: Get Big Discounts on i Software

 . . . The good news, however, is that the four-core JS22 blade server does a better job competing with HP’s ProLiant rack and blade servers, at least as far as I can tell from my comparisons. If you haven’t gotten the message yet, let me repeat it again: If you are an SMB shop that does not need the computing capacity provided by the Power 570, then Big Blue really, really, really wants you to consider using the blade form factor. The economics are far more favorable for configured systems, particularly when comparing the Power 550 M50 and the JS22 blade. The gap was not nearly as large when comparing the JS12 blade and the entry Power 520 servers with i Edition software.

Link :: Power 550 i Edition Versus Windows: Get Big Discounts on i Software

September 15, 2008  2:35 PM

Look for an Interim i Release Next Year, and i 6.2 in Early 2010 – IT Jungle

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Link : IT Jungle – Look for an Interim i Release Next Year, and i 6.2 in Early 2010

“As some of you know, IBM hosted two Power Systems Technical Universities in Chicago last week–one for i nerds and the other for AIX and Linux techies. As we went to press with this issue of the newsletter, some news was beginning to filter back into the cosmic ether–OK, really my email and my telephone, nothing cosmic about it–about what IBM is telling the i crowd. There’s nothing earth shattering so far, but some interesting points.

First, the Virtual I/O Server that, as the name suggests, virtualizes disk, tape, and networking I/O for JS12 and JS22 blade servers running the i 6.1 operating system apparently has some performance issues. The exact nature of the issues are not clear to me, but I have been warning you since IBM put out a spec sheet earlier this year that the I/O bandwidth on these blades might be lower than you expect–and a lot lower than equivalently powered rack and tower versions of the Power6 lineup. And this might have a lot to do with the way VIOS is doing its virtualization of I/O and how i 6.1 is interacting with this layer. The OS/400 and follow-on operating systems already had its own way of virtualizing I/O, so adding another virtualization layer underneath that could be the culprit. I dunno. The thing is, the Power blades require VIOS to run i 6.1. You can’t get around it.”

Read More here . . . Link : IT Jungle – Look for an Interim i Release Next Year, and i 6.2 in Early 2010

September 14, 2008  8:38 AM

Cutting back IT fro the TOP

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I ran across an article that points out the following premises: If you trying to cut cost start at the TOP of IT instead of the bottom.

“If you are managing an IT shop and can’t write the code to render “hello world” in C, html, php, and pull “hello world” from a MySQL database using a perl script, then YOU are in the wrong job.”

While I agree with this observation I don’t think anyone will implement this plan. Most companies think that getting rid of the workers at the bottom are a better bet. Case and Point. I worked for a Software company once as a Sales Engineer. While they kept on an aged IT manager and moved him from California to Georgia and his salary they let all kinds of people go at the bottom. I am sure he made well over $130K, while I was not pulling down that much. So they could have let him go and kept some people who worked for a living. I am not bitter about it, everything has really worked out well from then, but I got a chance to go back and work for the aged CIO and I can tell you he lacked the ability to do much of anything and should have been let go before anyone esle was.

“As I have written before, one of the great problems in IT management is that the big bosses typically haven’t a clue what is happening, what is needed to happen, and what it all should cost. There is a role for trust here, but if the Big Guy is signing off on a budget he can’t even read, much less understand, well something is wrong. Some IT departments like this, of course, just like my students liked it when class had to be cancelled (they liked getting LESS for their money), but in tough times, facing reality and speaking the truth is usually the best course.”

LINK:: Fire Your Boss: The best place to cut IT organizations is generally at the top.

September 6, 2008  12:05 PM

Is it September already?

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It’s already September 4th and I have not posted anything here. Much less any place else. The COMMON folks are busy with other events, and I am starting to gear up for COMMON in Reno, NV.

COMMON Directions is happening later this month in Dallas. I don’t know if they have any openings but just figured I would point it out.

COMMON Focus is taking place in October in San Francisco, CA and I for one would love to attend that. But I will not be there. Here is what COMMON is saying about COMMON Focus:

“COMMON Focus 2008 is our annual workshop conference event, featuring three days of intense, focused education. It will be a smaller, more intimate event than a traditional COMMON conference with a limited number of attendees – giving them more opportunities for one-on-one interaction with the speakers and each other.”

COMMON Annual Meeting is in RENO, NV next year and I am going to be at that event. I am planning on doing all of my Linux sessions and the new bloggers session we did in Nashville again. I am really looking forward to that.

Please if you are an IBM i professional you need to join COMMON even if you don’t go to the meetings. IBM is listening to COMMON and they know our numbers. The more members we have the better. Plus if there is something you want IBM to know you can let them know via COMMON, even if you still think the IBM i should have it’s own Video Card…….

August 31, 2008  1:20 AM

Thanks for coming here

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I do see all you i people coming here and I do thank you. While this may not be the most popular blog on ITKE, it has some passion behind it and make sure you tell your friends I am here and blogging my little heart out.


August 31, 2008  1:17 AM

Anyone out there messing with ANDROID from Google?

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

I have started to tinker, and I mean tinker with ANDROID from Google. Is anyone else out there tinkering or doing anything we all should know about.

The iPhone is cool, I think the SDK for ANDROID is a tick better and a bit more open? Anyone have any more ideas or thoughts. i am really just shaking the tree right now and see what falls out?

August 26, 2008  7:20 PM

MacOSX Server :: Top Ten Myths and Misconceptions About Mac OS X Server

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So what is the IBM i guy doing talking about MacOSX, when I happen to like MacOSX and I happen to think that OSX Server is rock’n!

Link :: Top Ten Myths and Misconceptions About Mac OS X Server

August 25, 2008  7:34 PM – Open Source on i

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Today in my mail box I received the newsletter from the folks at and this is what it said:

Open source for i
[Leah Rosin, Associate Editor]

Last month I attended OSCON in Portland, Ore., and learned from Bernard Golden that open source utilization in the enterprise is on the rise. At the conference, IBM featured its free DB2 Express-C version of DB2 9. When I asked Rav Ahuja, the strategy manager of information management at IBM, whether this would work on i, he explained that it would if you run a Linux partition. All of this was a great primer on the implementation of open source and, specifically, Linux on i. And now the first of a three-part series of Linux on i is here.

Let us know what you think. And if you run or develop open source apps on a Linux partition on i, consider writing a tip or submitting a guest column.

System i Blogger: Linux Foundation launches killer development tool
System i Blogger: Getting started with Zend PHP

Firs I am humbled that they linked to my blog on ITKE, thank you Leah!, and second lets talk about this for a bit.

It’s all about the money is it not? I am pro open sourced dude, but let’s face it if your not making money or able to support your code writing habit then it’s all a wash? While the Linux community is best known for their OPEN projects, the IBM i has not seen this kind of energetic code writing.

There have been attempts at OPEN SOURCED projects for the IBM i over the years but it’s been scarce, and nothing out there that could change the face of a buisness. I would love to see an open sourced web site for all IBM i projects with many many active projects.

There should be CRM and ERP projects for the IBM i, and there just aren’t.Projects like this would do two things, drive people to contribute and wake up CRM and ERP software offerings to kick them in the tend bits so that they know they need to step up the code they are working on because there is a FREE open sourced equivilant that is coming and could replace them. It does create competition, even if it is frustrating.

I don’t see this being something that is going to happen anytime soon. The community does not lend itself to lots of after hours late night coding. For one the IBM i is not a platform you can just get at your local Best Buy and write some code for at home with your newly open i/OS. If that were the case I think we would see more OPEN projects.

I would still like to see IBM really rethink how they sell the smaller IBM i systems. I would love to be able to put down less that $2,000 USD and get and IBM i that I could work on, or maybe IBM takes a really large IBM i and places it in Rochester and lets you have a partition to write code on and stuff. That would cost them little to nothing but would foster community growth. They should offer it for FREE and more over allow any student in college a larger chunk of the machine than you would let me have, and IT professional. I can’t afford to have a new 520 at home, but I could afford to log into a partition that was FREE, then I could create a project, open source it on SorceForge and let the world help me build it and make it better. Sadly I don’t think IBM is that “hip” yet and they never will be.

If you are looking for IBM i Open Source Projects check these links:

Link :: Open Source for i

Link :: The iSeries-Toolkit

If you have a good project idea then let it be known! If you think IBM should build a sandbox for us all, say it. They are reading this blog and they do wonder what we are thinking. I would love to build a CRM package for the IBM i that is open sourced and free.  I am sure some of you out there have done it a thousand times but never like you wanted. Now is your chance.

August 23, 2008  9:52 PM

POWER = IBM i +AiX + Linux?

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

It’s been a few months and not much has come from the POWER Equation. I don’t see what I expected to see from IBM over the new POWER thingies and I really wanted to see more. I have been on the IBM Power site every week for about 5 months now waiting for something cool to happen.

The two solutions I know the best are IBM i and Linux. I do know something about AIX but not as much as I would like.

I can tell you that I am working ona site like IBM to pull POWER and experts together in one place. I do think the future of the POWER community is in unification and COMMON and the AIX Convention (If there is one?) should merge and come together.

August 18, 2008  10:54 AM

Help/Systems acquires PowerTech

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

The Four Hundred is reporting that Help/Systems has acquired PowerTech, an large security firm and software developer, in a move that shows the IBM i space is still active and changing.

“The consolidation of the midrange continued last month when The PowerTech Group, a leading developer of i OS security software, was acquired by Help/Systems and Audax Group, the private equity group backing the i OS utility developer. Few details of the deal are being released, as the companies are privately held and therefore under no obligation to spill the nitty gritty. What is known is that PowerTech will continue to function as a completely independent entity.”

“By all indications, PowerTech has become a powerhouse of i OS security software this decade. Whereas many of its competitors had been acquired by large firms with nary a new product release to be heard of again, PowerTech’s 800 customers have been treated to a steady diet of new products and upgrades, integration with third-party products, the industry’s only i OS-focused conference, annual “state of security” reports, and numerous white papers, educational events, and Webinars. PowerTech customers could feel safe in the fact that PowerTech lived and breathed i OS security, and were active in the midrange community.”

Read More here at The Four Hundred

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