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Jan 27 2009   3:08PM GMT

Moving from Lotus to Exchange is costly and a step backwards

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

You don’t need to tell me anything about how much a move from Lotus Domino/Note to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook is going to cost these days. It’s going to be expensive. Even with a light investment in Lotus and only  few production DBs, an average company is not prepared for the cost involved. I pointed out in  a previous post that it’s idiotic and stupid to move from the IBM i or any installed technology to a different solution ( LINK ).

No some comments have surfaced on Network World that are interesting and true.

We stopped the move to Exchange

“I work for a 15k+ organization, and we stopped our migration to Exchange, in part because of the costs to migrate, but also because we found out we could save money moving to Domino 8.5. Our application developers are excited about Domino as a development platform again, and that alone will prove to be a huge ROI.”

Read the Article that sparked the comments.

I know of a company in Denver that I worked for at one time that has about 3,000 – 4,000 users who in my words . . .

Lotus did not fail them, they failed Lotus.

What does that mean David?

Let me tell you!

Lotus is not just mail. Lotus is many many things. Of which 20% is mail. The rest is Web Serving, Mail Archiving, Database Server, and Application Server all wrapped up into one. Many companies get Lotus installed and get t working then fail to use all it;s pieces. Sadly if you would have spent the time and money to develop some applications in Lotus Notes and deploy them your company would benefit from them. I even suggested a few years back that IBM give away 80 hours of consulting time to help the new company deploy an application so they could see the value. That 80 hours would have gone a long way in consulting dollars later on.

See if you just focus on the Mail bit you are missing the point. Microsoft is good at making sure you only focus on the mail and oh you want to do something with your applications? We can move those to Sharepoint. Well I am telling you it’s not that easy. Moving applications from Domino to Sharepoint is like expecting a VW Bug to out perform a Ferrari just because it has round rubber things and run on gas.

They are not the same. Lotus does all of these things well, and you can have them all on the same server if your smart bout it. In Microsoft world you can’t have your Exchange Server on the same servers as your Chat Server along with your Sharepoint Server. If you did you would be the oldest man in IT from lack of sleep and general frustration.

There are also the CIOs and IT Managers who read the propaganda Microsoft is sending them that says “Everyone is moving to Exchange” and they think, crap I don’t want to be left out….so they start moving to Microsoft, no matter what the cost, but the biggest question is what about the investment you already have in your current solution? How does the CEO allow that to get thrown out the window? You spent  and continue to spend to keep Lotus Notes, and yet a 4 to 8 times increase in cost is worth it for the benefit of increasing energy consumption, increase cooling needs and increase the number of servers you are going to have to deploy vs. keeping a few Lotus Domino Servers to manage large numbers of users and applications. Plus Lotus is not nearly as expensive as Microsoft’s solution. Plus how much is a .NET Developer license again? Lotus, last I checked, does not charge for the developer license. It’s apart of the client.

If you are thinking of moving off Lotus Domino/Notes to Exchange/Outlook/Sharepoint/Communications, ask yourself….is this the best way for use to spend money right now and would this money not be better spend hiring a Lotus Designer/Developer to increase our productivity and also increase the ROI we could be getting out of Lotus products?

Well this is good news:

LINK :: More firms switching from Microsoft’s Outlook to Lotus

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