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Apr 14 2009   8:25PM GMT

Microsoft Vista Bad – Texas Bans Vista For State Gov

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LINK :: Microsoft Vista Bad – Texas Bans Vista For State Gov

The malignment of Windows Vista has reached a new height: A Texas lawmaker added a provision to the state budget that would effectively ban Vista from being purchased by any state government agency.

The rider says that any agency must get written approval from the Budget Board before buying any Vista products, and the guy who inserted it said its intent was to block them from buying the operating system. Hinojosa, Senate Finance Committee vice chairman, said, “We have a lot of problems with the Vista program. It had a lot of bugs. It takes up a lot of memory. It’s not compatible with other equipment, and it’s supposed to be an upgrade from the XP program that is being used by state agencies, and it’s not.”

I would agree, it’s not an upgrade of any kind. Everyone says the problem is they changed the interface, only Apple did that with MacOS X and there has been almost 100% acceptance of that OS vs. the crap that is VISTA.


So me being as a person that uses facts to build an opinion I contacted 10 (round number and easy to work with) IT people I know at 10 different companies about this topic.

10 People 5 of which are in Medium Sized companies (over 3000) people, and 4 in small (under 1000) companies, then the last person is a consultant, which becasue he is all over the place shines the brightest light on this topic from all angles.

Before we get into the 10 people I talked too, my current employer is a Microsoft friendly company with 25,000 users and the only VISTA installed is for testing. It’s not allowed in production.

Back to the 10 IT people. So three groups:


5+4+1 = 10

Just doing the math to throw you all off.

Of the LARGE group only one admitted to having more than 5 copies of VISTA inside their company. The other 4 said 2 -3 at best. It was because some senior level person had purchased a PC and not talked to IT and just got it with VISTA installed or in a few cases demanded that they get VISTA. In all 5 none of them have deployed VISTA. This is interesting in that I would have expected 2 of them, being large Microsoft shops, would have deployed more VISTA than they have.  But it was not the case. I then asked WHY?

The answers we all about the same the only variance was the level of detail provided. Mostly Education of the new product, cost, compatibility, and performance.

The SMALL group had almost the same experience. In fact one of them admitted to having to remove VISTA on a large number of PCs that were purchased and replaced it with XP due to a compatibility issue with te hardware that came with the certified VISTA PC and some application they ran. It could crash VISTA no matter what they did and all Microsoft would do was blame the hardware vendor, which was certified to work with VISTA. Interesting. 2- 3 per company was the norm and for all the same reasons.

So out of the first 9 IT people there were no large VISTA installations, and not plans to move to VISTA in the next 2 years. So far it seems my opinion in short that VISTA SUCKS is pretty much spot on and IT people in the US are agreeing with me without even knowing they are.

The last hold out was the CONSULTANT. He sees everything and is very PRO-MICROSOFT! With that said I know on his PC he is using a Mac with VMWares app to run XP. He does not run VISTA anywhere except at the office and he has admitted that it only as a reference. That of course is very telling.

He has many many customers from 2 -3 users to over 100 in an office and the majority of them are on XP and one has moved from Microsoft Desktops and Servers to Mac Desktops and XServe Servers for everything. That was the most delicious part of his answer. Seeing companies do he “impossible” according to Microsoft. He also stated that the VISTA users he does have are split on their like or dislike of VISTA. He did say that most customers don’t know they have a choice when buying a new PC and just take VISTA and that he has been un-installing VISTA and replacing XP about once or twice a week for the past 4 months. It’s not a large number but it is important.

So what is the over all verdict?

All 10 I think were pretty honest. I don’t think any of them knew were I was going with these questions of that I would use it to make an argument against VISTA. I think most of them thought I was trying to figure out if I should move to VISTA and were giving me hints that I might want to think twice. After getting this information I don’t see VISTA being the HIT Microsoft planned for it to be. It’s the new WindowsME.

That is al!

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  • Dickless
    Who in the hell lets this "David Vasta" guy write. I hope he is not getting paid to do this because his opinions mean nothing and provide no value to the rest of us that are working for a living. You are a system i and lotus notes implementer.... aren't those entry level jobs after 19 ears in the industry? "L"oser! It's incredible that you can write the complete BS and put your worthless opinions on the Internet for the rest of us to have to sort through to get to meaningful information! Its obvious that no one is reading your rants, but I wanted to let you know one person did, and I don't enjoy watching blow hearts like you wasting bytes!
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  • David Vasta
    @ Mr. Dickless, if that is your real name? I have a few comments about your comments on my post. 1. I support your right not to read anything I post. It's not hurting my feelings if you don't read my information. 2. Who the hell is this "David Vasta" guy right? See you used WRITE where I think you might have want to use RIGHT? Am I RIGHT? 3. I am getting paid to write my opinions but even if I was not being paid I would still have an opinion. 4. If my opinion is of no value to you then I am sorry. I think and that most of the WORLD is agreeing with me when it comes to VISTA that it is NOT acceptable and is being overlooked for upgrades. There are companies that are moving to VISTA and that is their doing, but I would submit that a majority of companies who deployed Windows XP are not looking to VISTA as the new platform rather they are waiting for Windows 7. I am not very impressed with it either but time will tell. Microsoft seems to be putting some effort into what is next and that is very promising. 5 - I have no idea how many EARS it would take to get an entry level job? I think two is minimum but if you had 19 ears you might get over look for just being a bit out o place. No offense to the 19 eared people out there. 6 - LOSER - Now see while you think its complete BS other who agree with me may not think it's BS. I was merely reporting the NEWS and adding a few comments. I would not call me a loser, at least now, maybe when I was younger and looked a bit odder. When my head did not fit my body and my teeth were too large, then I might have been a loser. For all I know you may be "write"? 7 - Having to sort through my BS? Sorry my information got in the way of you looking or other information. I have in fact contacted Google and Bing to let them know they need to move my post down so that other BS can rise to the top. 8 - Blow Hard - Well, yes that is true. I blow quite a bit but the difference between me being a blow hard and you being a blow hard is that I have a blog where I am paid and can blow you in order for you to be a blow hard you had to attach yourself to my loser blow hard blog and post something. You are very welcome. 9 - How on earth have you "ENJOYED WATCHING" me? I wonder. I didn't post any video of myself on this blog and have to wonder how on earth you watched me. I guess it’s like when people call into a radio show and then mention all the viewers the station has. They are so nervous to be in the presence f some great pontificate, like myself, that the caller loses all grasp of the English language and infers that a radio station would have viewers. How interesting. In this medium you can only READ what I post, WRITE? Lastly, to wrap up my blow hard response to your post. (which I thank you for.) I would like to point out that even thought you chose not to use your name (I am assuming your mother did not name you that.) I let the post stand. If it is removed I did not do it the management over this site would have. I am a FREE SPEECH kind of guy. I am not one who thinks people who can't spell, can't write and seem to make very few points about he post should still be able to post anything they like as long as it does not hurt small children and puppies. I hope you get some help for your angry/frustration issues. If this post triggered all this then I think, and I am no doctor, you might need some help. Hope you have a wonderful day & VISTA still sucks! -David
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  • aaronbartell
    Mr. D. Your post is simply a flame unless you can offer another perspective (i.e. your experience with Vista). I actually enjoy David's "shoot from the hip" approach to reviews as I get enough "pee perfume" reviews from other news sources. Obviously it is the responsiblity of us the reader to take into account that blog writers are usually biased against or for whatever they are writing about. So take David with a grain of salt and call the doc in the morning :-) Aaron Bartell
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