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Mar 18 2009   7:37PM GMT

Is IBM about to buy SUN for $7 billion?

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

LINK :: NYT – IBM said to be in talks to buy Sun for $7 Billion

I think this is long over due. Sun has been twisting in the wind for way to long with way to many decent products (Solaris, StarOffice, SSO, EIM, Java, OpenSolaris,MySQL), that they like IBM can’t figure out how to sell any of it.

IBM has, in recent years, done a better job than SUN but not by much. Part of the problem SUN has is Jonathan Schwart. He is has said nothing innovative in the past 7 years to spur on anything but declining sales and even less innovation from SUNs staff.

SUN also has a bad habit of brain washing executives and releasing them into the wild so that they can convert IT, all the while these brain washed zombies who think SUN is going to save the world end up destroying companies, ruining IT departments and in the end are nothing more then SUNs evil puppets. Sadly all to often they end up in decent hard working IBM shops trying to find chinks in the armor and can’t so they just start ripping the walls down like gorrilas who is unhappy with the decorations in thier painted white cages. They should have stayed at SUN where they belonged, in the fold, on the mother ship.

OK, to be fair, IBM has zealots too, and I know that, but you don’t rip and replace when something has been working well for over a decade. I have been in more than one place where some past executive from one of the big three has shown up and decided his former company could come in and do it all for less. Well if that was the case then why didn’t we do that 10 years ago smarty pants, oh I know because SUN has been on the edge of DEAD now for so long no one trust the investment.

You don’t buy a car you want a warranty on from a car company that is going out of business, why the heck to you think GM is not selling cars right now? No one will know if they are going to be there in 6 months.

You can have the best widget in the world with the best colors, but if you are not going to be around to support it in 6 months or a year then no one will want it, except the stupid, and that is what you end up with when you hire a former IT Exec from SUN or Microsoft who wants to rip and replace everything  for no decent reason. You also have to question everyone sanity who hired he or she.

SUN is the expensive IT choice, nothing they make is cheap or even FREE unless you pick thier OPEN lines. Even those can be supported for a cost. A big cost but a cost none the less.

SUN has failed to do anything with SPARC and also has failed to really break open the server market with it’s pathetic little pizza box servers that are so sad looking when you open them up that you wonder which laptop company sold them the bits to barley fill the case?

Apple and Sun would have made the most sense, but Apple has a problem thinking about big IT, and IBM seems to have a pretty good hold on big IT, while strugguling with small IT.

So I did use this post to rant a bit about the demise, thank goodness, of SUN and the rise of IBM. I think if IBM were smart they would take everything SUN has in house, close up shop on SUN. Retain the decent people. I do know a few, and take that technology I mentioned before, port it to POWER and offer it up. IBM at that point in time will have a killer offering. Please don’t kill the OPEN projects, we need them for the sake of innovation. IBMs next move, NOVELL!

Well in the long term if IBM does take in SUN I hope to have OpenOffice in every Lotus product soon, and move to what I consider a better office suit than the “other guy”

Good Luck IBM.

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