May 1, 2015  8:44 AM

Software-defined storage: Not for us says Nimble Storage CEO

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
Data storage, EMC, evo:rail, Nimble Storage, Software-defined storage, VMware, vSAN

Separating software from hardware is an emerging trend in data storage. Under the phrase software-defined storage it has been at the forefront of vendor hype in recent...

April 15, 2015  11:51 AM

World War Datacentre: The VMware empire and its rivals

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
Hypervisor, Nutanix, OpenStack, VMware

In the real world we've seen centuries of wars, largely the result of old empires fading and new contenders arising. And the world of IT show similar parallels, albeit on much reduced timescales and with much less bloodshed.

Currently the VMware empire...

February 9, 2015  1:56 PM

EVO:Rail and the missing acquisition phase of hyperconverged storage

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
evo:rack, evo:rail, hyperconverged, Nutanix, Scale computing, SimpliVity, VMware

It's rare that a storage-related technology arises without there being any acquisitions.

Look at flash. The startups emerged and pushed

February 12, 2014  12:36 PM

Startup watch: Gridstore targets Hyper-V storage market

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
Gridstore, Hyper-V, Hyper-V Storage, VMware, Windows Server 2012

This week I spoke to Gridstore, a startup that offers storage arrays that integrate with the

October 16, 2013  11:13 AM

The VMworld ecosystem: Avatar’s Pandora or Total Recall’s Mars?

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
NAS, SAN, Shared storage, Storage, VMware, VMworld

October 2, 2013  4:02 PM

Simplivity converged storage converges with the hyperscale

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
converged, Data Deduplication, datacentre, Google, Hyper-V, hyperscale, OmniCube, PCIe, SimpliVity, VMware

If you could build a datacentre - and more importantly its contents - from scratch chances are it wouldn't look much like many of...

July 29, 2013  11:54 AM

Storage virtualisation vs software-defined storage

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
EMC, FalconStor, IBM, NetApp, Seanodes, Software-defined storage, VMware, vSAN


The aim of this blog post is to try to iron out some misunderstandings in two common terms in storage. Two terms that are actually really rather...

October 30, 2012  1:05 PM

X-IO and why clever drive technologies could be a good bet

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
hard drive, Hybrid flash, VMware, X-IO

If I were a betting man when it came to the prospects of storage businesses I might be tempted to put some money on the mid-long term prospects of X-IO.

X-IO - which

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