September 17, 2014  3:56 PM

Look out Symantec! Virtual server backup specialist Veeam is behind you

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
IBM, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Symantec, Veeam, Virtual Server Backup, Virtualization

One of the big surprises of the recent TechTarget European Purchasing Intentions survey was the appearance of Veeam as number two customer choice of...

September 4, 2014  4:27 PM

All-flash arrays: Will time run out for mainstream acceptance?

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
EMC, Flash Array, Flash memory, IBM, mram, XtremIO

The all-flash array has been the flavour of recent times in storageland. But, has the hype exceeded the reality?

It may well have done. Or maybe it's just its timing...

June 9, 2014  10:48 AM

EMC’s DSSD introduces the PCIe flash appliance

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
Application Programming Interface, DSSD, EMC, MongoDB, PCI Express, SAP HANA

It's always interesting when a new storage technology comes along, not least because we have to figure out what exactly we're looking at.

Under the microscope this time is the fruit of

March 25, 2014  12:31 PM

Actifio gets funding, but what’s the future for a good idea in storage?

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
Actifio, Ashutosh, Backup, Disaster Recovery

Actifio this week announced it had gained another $100m in funding, adding to a previous round of $107m, and according to Ash

March 13, 2014  12:05 PM

BYOD backup: A looming Bring-Your-Own-Disaster?

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
Backup, BYOD, Dropbox, laptop, smartphone

Recently I blogged my thoughts on why mainstream backup products don't protect BYOD devices - laptops, tablets, smartphones etc - and came to the conclusions a) BYOD...

March 6, 2014  3:16 PM

Cold Storage, Helium and HAMR. Can they save the spinning disk HDD?

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
Cold Storage, flash storage, HAMR, HDD, HelioSeal, HGST, PMR, SMR

While super-fast flash storage has hogged the headlines, recent months have seen the available capacity of spinning disk HDDs...

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October 30, 2013  9:37 AM

Supplier hype-watch: Violin and DataCore at SNW Europe

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
CPU, DataCore, Memory, MLC, SLC, Software-defined storage, Violin Memory

IT trade events like SNW Europe this week are a great opportunity to study the techniques employed in IT suppliers' marketing messages.

Some use out-and-out distortions of commonly-understood technical terms.

Violin Memory, for example, loves to emphasise the second word in its...

October 16, 2013  11:13 AM

The VMworld ecosystem: Avatar’s Pandora or Total Recall’s Mars?

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
NAS, SAN, Shared storage, Storage, VMware, VMworld

October 2, 2013  4:02 PM

Simplivity converged storage converges with the hyperscale

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
converged, Data Deduplication, datacentre, Google, Hyper-V, hyperscale, OmniCube, PCIe, SimpliVity, VMware

If you could build a datacentre - and more importantly its contents - from scratch chances are it wouldn't look much like many of...

September 9, 2013  12:18 PM

EMC VNX: New OS + PCIe Gen 3 = a flash array turning point

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead
EMC, Flash, Intel, IOPS, SSD, VNX

EMC's refresh...

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