November 11, 2019  12:50 PM

Scale-out NAS bounces back to fight for unstructured data against object storage

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead

There’s a scrap breaking out between object storage and scale-out NAS. The battleground is the market for customers that need to deal with very large amounts of

November 4, 2019  1:13 PM

IBM supercharges scale-out NAS with NVMe in Elastic Storage 3000

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead

Product development in storage often feels like a bolting together of existing categories of product. You take one advance from here and mate it with another from over there. Getting the timing right so that offerings can combine an optimum amount of new functionality – and to meet the emerging...

October 30, 2019  10:04 AM

Cloudian sees S3 interest and object storage going mainstream

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead

Object storage, based on Amazon’s S3 – pretty much a de facto standard now – is set to go mainstream. That’s the view of Cloudian’s co-founder and CEO Michael Tso. He says...

September 11, 2019  10:32 AM

Commvault’s Hedvig throw of the dice

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead

Commvault’s $225 million purchase of software-defined storage maker Hedvig looks like a...

July 9, 2019  12:33 PM

StorOne’s $799 per month storage array leasing offer: How does it stack up?

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead

Looking at the promise from StorOne to offer its software-defined storage for $799 a month – that’s about £640 – for 15TB of

November 12, 2018  1:37 PM

Storj: Can uberization of cloud storage succeed?

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead

On the face of it, cloud storage should be an ideal candidate for an “excess capacity”, “sharing economy” business model. Otherwise termed “Uberization”, we’ve seen the rise of apps and services that seek to marry...

November 6, 2018  11:41 AM

IBM and Red Hat: Inspired or desperate? And a difficult journey ahead

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead

IBM’s proposed $34 billion purchase of Red Hat looks like a good idea for both sides. But is the proposed coming together borne of inspiration, or desperation? In other words, were the two companies a bit like the last...

September 24, 2018  3:05 PM

Tape’s got a future but are use cases narrowing in the age of analytics?

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead

The headline grabbers in storage are usually the quick – flash, NVMe etc – or the harbingers of the next generation, such as the cloud. But in some ways these are the extremes, the outliers. In between, the vast bulk of the world’s business data resides on spinning disk hard drives and tape...

April 25, 2018  12:04 PM

Scality gets $60m but keeps quiet about what it’ll spend it on

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead

French object storage specialist Scality recently raised $60m of funding, but what will that money go towards? The...

April 18, 2018  12:54 PM

Microsoft revives MAID with Pelican, but tape can still sleep easy

Antony Adshead Profile: Antony Adshead

A decade ago storage journalists were quite keen on a new technology around at the time. That was MAID – Massive Array of Idle Disks – which were basically disk-based backup target devices with lots of...

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