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October, 2007

October 11, 2007  9:02 AM

Carly Fiorina: FOX’s newest business anchor

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

Do not attempt to adjust your sets -- former HP CEO Carly Fiorina will be coming to a FOX television news broadcast near you. FOX is launching a new business channel, FOX Business Network, and 1 Comment     RSS Feed     Email a friend

October 11, 2007  8:19 AM

Amazon S3 offers new SLA

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

Responding to pressure from newcomers to the storage SaaS market, Amazon announced yesterday that its S3 online storage service will offer a 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

October 10, 2007  3:35 PM

Will dedupe get its day in court?

Dave Raffo Dave Raffo Profile: Dave Raffo

Data deduplication has been much discussed in the data center for the past year or so, and now is gaining attention in legal circles. Quantum announced Tuesday that it filed suit against Riverbed in...

October 10, 2007  2:59 PM

Rivals eyeing EMC for VMware?

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

The "Somebody's gonna buy EMC!" talk is rearing its head again recently in the marketplace. This is a perennial conversation. In fact, we already covered it...two years ago. This time,...

October 10, 2007  2:32 PM

The budget category conundrum

Maggie Wright Profile: mwright16

Successful patterns of behavior are repeated. That adage is as good a reason as any as to why storage managers are reluctant to change their storage buying or management practices. Yet fundamental changes in how underlying data storage technologies work are forcing a subsequent change in storage...

October 10, 2007  2:04 PM

CDP’s evolution takes shape

Maggie Wright Profile: mwright16

The evolution of the use of continuous data protection in companies is taking shape. BakBone Software's inclusion of CDP as a new feature in its NetVault:Backup 8.0 release puts it in the growing number of products such as Asigra's TeleVaulting and InMage Systems DR-Scout that...

October 10, 2007  1:16 PM

How to archive home directories that don’t have AD accounts

Tskyers Tory Skyers Profile: Tskyers

My name is Tory Skyers. Through circumstances not entirely beyond my control (!!) I have been deeply involved throughout my career in various types of centralized and distributed storage. Now, at the end of a long chain of events beginning in Long Beach, CA with Curtis Preston and some blinky...

October 4, 2007  3:33 PM

Sun has more ZFS visions

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

Sun's campus in Burlington, Mass. Photo by Beth Pariseau.

Today found me at Sun's campus in Burlington, Mass., one of three cities across the world where Sun was...

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