Storage Soup:

March, 2007

March 28, 2007  2:51 PM

Buying storage is like buying a car…

JoMaitland Jo Maitland Profile: JoMaitland

Here's an interesting ancedote from a user requesting more storage at his company and likening the process to...

March 28, 2007  10:02 AM

Yahoo to offer unlimited email storage

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

According to the New York Times, Yahoo! will offer subscribers unlimited email storage on their free webmail...

March 28, 2007  8:13 AM

The dark side of data protection

Maggie Wright Profile: mwright16

As backup software vendors are discovering, being flexible is the name of the game when it comes to incorporating the management of some of today’s hottest storage technologies – CDP, data classification, data de-duplication or integration with VTLs – into their backup software. I am also...

March 27, 2007  2:40 PM

HDS’s Yoshida: Storage headed for a “bust”

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

Hitachi Data Systems CTO Hu Yoshida has an interesting post up on his blog that predicts storage is headed for a "bust" period in terms of petabytes shipped per year. He's basing this in part on IDC's recent numbers which show that server shipments are down thanks to virtualization. Yoshida...

March 27, 2007  2:38 PM

Datacatch extends Google Desktop to thumb drives, CD-ROMs

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

Another software company riding the Google wave came to our attention this week--Datacatch, an Australian company which already markets an indexing tool for offline media written by Windows clients, including tape, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs, as well as flash drives. Datacatch has been...

March 27, 2007  11:09 AM

Microsoft, EMC get closer

JoMaitland Jo Maitland Profile: JoMaitland

EMC and Microsoft announced a partnership today under which Microsoft will integrate EMC's Smarts network discovery and modeling software into future versions of Microsoft's Systems Center Operations Manager. The companies also said they will be working on common models for networking and...

March 26, 2007  7:43 AM

Storage security podcast

Karen Guglielmo Karen Guglielmo Profile: Karen Guglielmo

These days, its tough to ignore the ever-present coverage of security breaches and identity theft in the news. In this podcast, storage security expert Kevin Beaver offers practical answers to the most...

March 22, 2007  1:43 PM

Analyst warns of “gotchas” with Google

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

The Burton Group put out a press release this week warning of some "gotchas" with Google's software as a service (SaaS). Storage Soup caught up with Burton Group enterprise search and records management analyst Guy Creese...

March 22, 2007  1:42 PM

Teracloud is just giving it away

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

TeraCloud has introduced a pay-as-you-go pricing model for its SRM software that includes the ability to run at least one level of the package for free--indefinitely. TSF Express, newly introduced as part of this program, in an SRM tool compatible with Solaris, Linux, Windows and AIX. TSF Express...

March 21, 2007  2:41 PM

Some sweet specs on Google and Hubble

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

Our story on Google's storage assistance to academic and research institutions focused on the Archimedes Palimpsest,...

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