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August 30, 2013  1:19 PM

First time is a success!

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Twenty-two Media & Entertainment IT professional filled the room at the Morton’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, CA for our first ever Media & Entertainment focused Storage dinner last month.   Attendees came from major production companies and networks such as Megatrax, Lion Gate, Disney Fox, NBC and the Tennis Channel.

Our expert presenter, Tom Coughlin covered topics ranging from LTFS to active archives to HDDs and SSDs.  The feedback what overwhelmingly positive the dinner was described by attendees as “beyond their expectations” and the information was “on the cutting edge of technology”.  For many this information was timely – over 1/3 of the audience said their storage infrastructure capacity is either a major or urgent concern.

I want to thanks our 4 brave sponsors  Oracle, Dot Hill, Quantum and NetApp who shared their insights and expertise with the audience.  I think they all benefited greatly for agreeing to be a first mover on this first time event.  One sponsor told us that “we got the right people in the room and it was one of the best events he’s ever done”!  Music to my ears….

Not surprisingly we are taking our Media & Entertainment dinner on the road to New York City on November 12th.    I would be happy to discuss ways we can help more vendors grow their exposure to this audience and capitalize on the incredible data growth opportunities in this market.   We still have a couple of spots left in New York!

May 30, 2013  4:37 PM

Lights, Camera, Action!

Jillian Coffin Jillian Coffin Profile: Jillian Coffin

Or should I say “Edit, Archive, Share and Deliver!  And do it FAST! 

It’s no surprise that the Media & Entertainment industry has become a key target for many storage and backup technology providers. The huge growth in media content and the increased resolution of files and recordings have made this a fast growing market with a “Big Data” problem and a growing storage demand.  In fact, between 2012 and 2017 we expect a 5x increase in the required digital storage capacity used by Media & Entertainment companies. And according to Coughlin Associates, this is resulting in a $6.2 Billion Market opportunity by 2015!  


The growth of unstructured data is a concern regardless of vertical industry, but Media & Entertainment organizations face a unique set of challenges.  The large files they work with are accessed often — and managing them isn’t as simple as having scale-out NAS and a smart archiving strategy.  Streaming capabilities and fast retrieval are even more CRITICAL, especially for things like news, sports, etc., where historical footage is often needed. And yes, TAPE is still super important, not only because it offers great capacity for the big files at a very low cost, but because it’s portable and enables quick content sharing.  LTFS makes it even easier to incorporate tape into the process because it looks like any other file system, so most apps can read directly from the tapes.  Finally, production workflow is KEY, and Media & Entertainment companies need scalable storage that can integrate with these systems   and support collaboration. Lots to think about for these folks.

With the help of our strategic partners at Coughlin Associates, the TechTarget Storage Media Group has addressed the information gap that has prevented many of these IT shops from making informed decisions for their businesses.   By targeting storage and backup roles within the Media & Entertainment industry, we have created an unmatched opportunity for our clients to get in front of buyers representing specific audience segments, such as movie studios, TV stations, and digital radio.

Here are some details about our dinner series opportunity that you can take advantage of over the next 6 months: Media & Entertainment Dinner Collateral.

In every conversation we have with our clients we are learning more and more – so I look forward to hearing how you are addressing the market and how we can help solve your challenges and enable the success of your go-to-market strategy. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you would like more information about our Media & Entertainment event and online sponsorship opportunities.  Look forward to working with you during this exciting time.

April 17, 2013  4:45 PM

Storage! Mémoire interne! Almacenamiento informático! Computerspeicher!

Jillian Coffin Jillian Coffin Profile: Jillian Coffin

Can you tell that I just downloaded my new language translator app? For storage Marketers, navigating a global marketing campaign focused on multiple countries or regions and in multiple languages can be an overwhelming, time-consuming task. I feel your pain and that is why I am asking you to let TechTarget do the work for you!

Did you know?

  1. TechTarget has offices in London, Sydney, Beijing, and Singapore, and now Paris w/ the acquisition of LeMagIT, a former strategic partner w/ a network of French-language sites that offers news and analysis for IT decision makers
  2. TechTarget provides a single point of campaign management and analysis across regional and country-specific campaigns to make execution simpler, faster and more effective
  3. TechTarget has launched a Latin America-focused site, SearchDataCenter en Español, covering enterprise IT subjects from Data Centers and Storage to Security, Business Intelligence and Networking
  4. TechTarget Storage Media has a new EMEA focused Purchase Intentions Study that can help sales and marketing understand key purchase drivers in-region for areas like backup, deduplication, SSD and Storage Virtualization etc…
  5. TechTarget has the ability to run programs with content in any of the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese and Japanese

All of these exciting things are part of a continued effort to offer TechTarget’s value in an increasing number of languages. This level of efficiency combined with our deep expertise in the Storage Market, really helps us to give you the guidance you can rely on to maximize the success of your global and regional marketing efforts. TechTarget has run hundreds of campaigns targeting individual countries and incorporating local language content and we’d love to share those results and case studies with you and your teams.

Interested in hearing more? Email me at or reach out to your account rep. We look forward to helping more and more of our partners grow internationally! Muchas Gracias and Au Revoir!

April 17, 2013  3:15 PM

And the Oscar goes to…

Jillian Coffin Jillian Coffin Profile: Jillian Coffin

Just in case you haven’t had enough of this awards season (or Anne Hathaway!), I want to make sure you’ve all had the chance to see the results of Storage magazine’s 11th Annual Storage Products of the Year Awards! This year, 52 finalists were chosen from more than 160 entries, and eventually we selected 14 winners in 6 key categories.

We are so thrilled to recognize the high level of innovation and technical achievement demonstrated by the scores of storage products that were entered this year. My favorite thing about the Storage magazine awards is that this is a “what have you done lately” award — where we specifically look at products that were enhanced or introduced during the year-long period before the entry deadline. That means a “venerable” product that’s widely used and been around for a long time doesn’t necessarily have a lock on any particular category. In other words, Meryl Streep doesn’t necessarily win every year.

A special thanks to the Storage magazine editorial staff and panel of judges and all the vendors who participated in this year’s awards. BRAVO!

April 17, 2013  2:45 PM

2013 Storage Decisions Lineup

Jillian Coffin Jillian Coffin Profile: Jillian Coffin

Spring is here and the traditional technology event season is right around the corner.

As we’ve been talking to customers at the start of the year, the majority of you are in various states of your event planning for 2013. I know there are lots of options out there – big and small – so I want to share with you some info that should reinforce your confidence that the Storage Decisions brand is *the* leader for anyone whose goal is to sell storage or backup to IT professionals.

Since 2001, we’ve created a model that is tried and true, trusted and relied upon. All of our expert speakers are independent, and all of our attendees are storage-buying IT professionals who go through a strict qualification process.

And I am proud to say that we also have an organization that is nimble and dynamic enough to maintain the value of our core offering, but also understand the macro-environment and make key changes – such as the introductions of the executive dinner series, product demo programs and all new conference and seminar content. We layer exciting new ideas on our solid foundation of success.

The proof is in the pudding. We surveyed 150 of our 2012 attendees at the end of the year, and here are a few data points to consider:

  • 96% say Storage Decisions hosts the best events on storage, disaster recovery and backup
  • 95% of respondents were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their Storage Decisions experience
  • 94% like the special sessions where sponsoring storage vendors present the latest solutions
  • 81% of attendees learned about vendors they weren’t previously aware of

We have an exciting selection of new events, new formats and new sponsorships to optimize the ROI on your face-to-face marketing budget. Our new event series includes:

  • A new Backup & Data Protection seminar featuring industry favorite Jon Toigo
  • Building Storage Systems to Support Virtual Environments half-day seminar
  • Media and Entertainment dinner series
  • Cloud Storage dinner series

And we are more than happy to present the results of our end-of-year attendee survey with you one on one– there are some interesting data points around attitudes toward event attendance.

For our full event schedule please visit our events site at  Your account manager will be happy to set aside time to discuss how we can help you get involved!

Thanks, and here’s to a productive 2013.

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