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June, 2019

June 30, 2019  5:31 PM

Dead Cryptocurrency Founder Transferred Lots of Money Before He Died

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher
Cryptocurrency, Storage

Remember earlier this year when the head of a cryptocurrency company died and access to the system supposedly died with him? There was some concern at the time that it was...

June 24, 2019  9:12 AM

Australian Archivists Worry About ‘Digital Dark Ages’

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher

What with “but her emails” and government officials using applications like Signal to avoid having records of communications, it’s easy to forget that, actually, data doesn't last forever. That’s what people are finding out in Australia, where the National Archives of Australia made...

June 20, 2019  9:09 AM

Counsel, Judge Beat up on HP Execs in HP-Autonomy Fraud Trial

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher
Autonomy, HP

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Two former major HP executives – coincidentally, both women – testified last week in the Autonomy fraud case, and both got pushback from opposition counsel, with one even getting criticized by the judge.

June 13, 2019  9:38 AM

Hofeller Storage Case Fascinating Study in How Not to Protect Data

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher
privacy, Security, Storage

If you saw it on tv you’d probably chide it for being a cliché: A guy who spends his whole life passing information on in phone calls so he doesn’t have anything written down in email or paper dies, and has all sorts of incriminating stuff on his un-password-protected, unencrypted computer...

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