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April, 2018

April 30, 2018  9:24 AM

Everyone Who Doesn’t Have 16 Cell Phones, Poke Out Your Right Eye

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher
BlackBerry, Cell phones, government, privacy, Security

A couple of weeks ago, there was some discussion about the material seized from the office of Michael Cohen, the attorney for the Trump organization,...

April 28, 2018  10:35 PM

Genetic Database Used to Identify Criminal

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher
Database, privacy, Security

Whether it was “ingenious” or “creepy” depends on which way you look at it, but the recent capture of the alleged Golden State Killer wasn’t the first time that

April 23, 2018  12:16 AM

Attorneys Speculate on E-Discovery Implications of Cohen Files

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher
E-discovery, government

There’s one group of people that is really, really excited about the seizure of the potentially millions of legal documents associated with President Donald Trump: E-discovery people. “Discovery nerds — and political junkies — are having a field day with the materials seized by the...

April 18, 2018  11:59 PM

Facebook’s Private Setting No Shield in Forman Case

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher
Facebook, legal, privacy, social media

If you’ve been revealing secrets on Facebook and thinking that you’re okay because your messages and postings are private, not public, think again: a recent court case ruled that attorneys could rule to more easily discover private as well as public Facebook material. The case is

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