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January, 2018

January 31, 2018  10:57 PM

Spinal Facility Loses ‘Back’-Up Hard Drive

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher
privacy, Security

It’s been a while since we had a good Companies Behaving Badly with people’s data story, but here we are: “Charles River Medical Associates says it lost a portable hard drive believed to contain personal information and x-ray images of everyone who received a bone density scan at its...

January 30, 2018  12:04 PM

Strava Fitbit Map Shows Power of Metadata

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher
FItbit, map, Metadata

We’ve written before about fitness trackers such as Fitbits and the potential interesting challenges they create for electronic discovery. But here’s a new...

January 24, 2018  9:05 PM

Microsoft-Ireland Data Case Brings Its Friends

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher
Microsoft, Security

The wheels of justice continue to grind in the Microsoft Ireland data servers case, with the simultaneous submission of 23 amicus briefs signed by almost 300...

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January 10, 2018  12:33 AM

U.S. Tightens Laptop Border Search Restrictions

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher
government, laptop, privacy, Security

Taking a laptop across the border? There’s good news and bad news. As you may recall, since 2009 there has been an ongoing struggle with how much right the U.S. government has to search laptops that people are carrying into the U.S., without a warrant, or even any particular reason other than...

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