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October, 2017

October 31, 2017  1:05 PM

Queen’s Security Data on USB Stick

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher

We’ve written before about the dangers of USB sticks and why it’s not a good idea to poke ones that you find lying around into your computer. But here’s a...

October 27, 2017  9:06 PM

Eek! NYPD Doesn’t Do Backups!

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher

It’s not often that backups get mentioned in court cases – let alone that people get chided for not doing their backups – but that happened recently in a New York courtroom. Sadly, it seems like the issue is more one of people not knowing technical terminology, though that’s scary enough in...

October 13, 2017  1:19 PM

New Micron VP Charged With SanDisk Insider Trading

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher
Micron, SanDisk

Being accused of security fraud at your previous company. “I’ll take ‘Things Not to Do During Your Probationary Hiring Period’ for $500, Alex.” Nonetheless, Anand Jayapalan, the new vice president of Micron’s Storage Business Unit, has been accused of the Securities and Exchange...

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