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February, 2016

February 29, 2016  4:47 PM

Amazon Web Services Jumps on the Zombie Bandwagon for Attention

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher

A cloud company has finally figured out a way to get people to read its terms of service: Put a zombie reference in there. “It’s hard to imagine the kind of...

February 25, 2016  3:03 PM

Verizon Reportedly Shutting Down Public Cloud Services

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher
cloud, Verizon

Users of some of Verizon’s cloud services were left with two months to move their virtual servers to another, more expensive, cloud platform after the company told them it was...

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February 19, 2016  3:03 PM

FBI Finds ‘Perfect Test Case’ to Force Apple iPhone Encryption Issue

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher
Apple, Encryption, FBI, iPhone, privacy, Security, smartphone

Okay, it’s another government vs. encrypted smartphone situation. But this one is different. Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, who last...

February 9, 2016  8:53 PM

Can Your Heirs Get to Your Data When You’re Dead?

Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher Profile: Sharon Fisher
privacy, Security, Storage

Normally, this blog talks about the value of protecting your data, whether it’s preserving it, locking it up, encrypting it, and so on. But today we’re going to talk about when you probably don’t want to do that. Namely, when you’re dead. Passed on.  No more. Ceased to be....

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