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September 14, 2009  8:30 AM

GreenBytes on the lookout for displaced Data Domain resellers

Sue Troy Sue Troy Profile: Sue Troy

We held a briefing with startup GreenBytes last week about their new GB-X storage systems. As Dave Raffo from explains, the product does inline deduplication of block storage and files. GreenBytes is looking to recruit resellers specializing in either primary or secondary storage. Continued »

September 13, 2009  10:08 AM

How to leverage VMware if you don’t sell VMware

Eric Slack Eric Slack Profile: Eric Slack

As a VAR, it’s always a little tougher to get in the door than it is for a manufacturer. Since you don’t own the technology, you have to rely on the products you represent to get some attention, especially if your potential customer doesn’t know you yet. After you’ve developed a relationship, you’re better known for the value you bring to the table — namely, your ability to diagnose and solve IT problems using a broad range of storage technologies. Continued »

September 9, 2009  10:17 AM

Tangible opportunities in the virtual environment

Eric Slack Eric Slack Profile: Eric Slack

Infrastructure monitoring and capacity optimization tools are always a good play for storage VARs. In a virtual environment, they’re even better. While products like VMware ESX Server can enable you to control more infrastructure, they’re not always easier to use or more effective. In other words, the more you control, the better your controls have to be. Continued »

September 7, 2009  7:08 PM

Storage-attached servers

Eric Slack Eric Slack Profile: Eric Slack

I spent last week at VMworld and was briefed on several new and very interesting products/companies that storage VARs might want to check out. In this dynamic environment, it’s nice to be showing customers products with compelling advantages, such as these.




Pivot3’s Cloudbank is a 12-drive, 2U appliance that includes an embedded server. Up to 12 appliances can be connected via iSCSI into a grid to provide more than 100 TB of usable capacity in a RAID 6e configuration. (RAID 6e is Pivot3’s enhanced version of RAID 6, protecting against three simultaneous disk failures.) Continued »

September 2, 2009  11:33 AM

Enterprise archiving: A real solution to the backup problem

Eric Slack Eric Slack Profile: Eric Slack

In my last entry, “Dedupe: Square peg for round hole?,” I talked about how deduplication as a technology is driving a lot of storage discussions and a lot of storage sales. While it does improve the storage efficiency of a pretty inefficient group of products — backup applications — it doesn’t do anything to reduce the amount of data handled by the backup infrastructure or managed by administrators. Continued »

August 31, 2009  8:45 AM

Dedupe: Square peg for round hole?

Eric Slack Eric Slack Profile: Eric Slack

Talking about dedupe these days will get you into meetings with potential customers. It can also get you orders, based on the success of Data Domain, Exagrid, Nexsan and other suppliers in this space. But focusing on getting orders is called “fulfillment.” Solving problems is consultation — what VARs are supposed to be here for, right? Continued »

August 26, 2009  4:53 PM

Are you using IT business automation software?

Sue Troy Sue Troy Profile: Sue Troy

ConnectWise has an interesting view of the VAR market. It both acts as a solution provider in the Tampa, Fla., area, and it develops and markets software to automate business processes for IT solution providers. The company started out 28 years ago as a solution provider, and along the way developed software to manage its internal business functions. Over time, it realized it could market the software to its peers. Continued »

August 26, 2009  12:10 PM

RecoverGuard gaining European presence

Sue Troy Sue Troy Profile: Sue Troy

Continuity Software, maker of RecoverGuard disaster recovery and business continuity monitoring software, says it’s expanding its channel partner program into Europe and already has a number of VARs lined up to sell RecoverGuard there.

Continued »

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