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Mar 4 2013   1:59PM GMT

Watches Watches Everywhere and Here Is What They Mean

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People following me on Twitter sometimes contact me to ask “What’s with the …Watches?”

I first wrote about my twitterings in A Twitter Social Contract and self-screening my twits in They’re Following Me! (More on Twitter). That second article is where I first mentioned my use of “Watches”, my method for letting followers know whether a given tweet will or won’t be interesting to them.

I wrote on this subject a few times. Five Rules Re: Online Visibility Versus Privacy and A Twittering (and Related Social Platforms) Update Part 2 – Watches are other examples. The latter is where I state emphatically that my use of …Watch: is my way of providing guideposts to my followers because I value their time and mine.

As noted above, I use …Watch: to let people know what I’m tweeting about and whether or not it’s worth their time. People are asking about them again so here’s a revised key:

  • …Watch – the prefix varies and can be research specific, such as “Love/LikeWatch
  • ArticleWatch – We published something somewhere. Sometimes goes out as a ColumnWatch, JournalWatch, etc., based on where it’s published and the format
  • BlogWatch – We posted something somewhere.
  • BookWatch – We published another one in some form.
  • ConferenceWatch – One of us is attending, presenting, …
  • DiscussionWatch – We’d appreciate feedback on something.
  • FavoritesWatch – Super secret messages to the MotherShip.
  • FlatteryWatch – Somebody said or wrote something nice about us.
  • FoNWatch – Something’s posted to our Friends of NextStage LinkedIn Group (send a LinkedIn message if you’d like to join).
  • HumbledWatch – we learned someone or some group is honoring us somehow.
  • KudosWatch – Somebody impressed us. It takes a lot to impress us.
  • LibraryWatch – I’m in either NextStage’s library or some library somewhere, lost in the stacks, …
  • MascotWatch – We published more pictures of NextStage Mascotology
  • MemberWatch – Something posted to our NextStage Members area.
  • MundaneWatch – Something I consider mundane yet included because some people following me indicated they liked my mundacity.
  • OyWatch – We impressed ourselves negatively.
  • PanelWatch – One of us was or will be on a conference panel somewhere.
  • PaperWatch – We published a paper, possible in The NextStage KnowledgeShop, on a client’s site or at a conference.
  • PatentWatch – We got another one.
  • Politics/…Watch – We published something based on something one of our political tools (NextStage Political Analyzer or NextStage Political Reader) determined, usually on our Politics blog.
  • PresoWatch – We posted a new online free or for-pay presentation to either The NextStage KnowledgeShop or to our NextStage Members area.
  • PrinciplesWatch – Formerly “NextStagePrinciplesWatch” and used because people find our Principles so fascinating (rarely used these days as our Principles are both functional and stable at this point, although we’re discussing adding another Principle. Stay tuned…).
  • QueryWatch – We’re asking a question
  • QuoteWatch – A quote impressed one of us.
  • ReadWatch – Something we read impressed us.
  • ResearchWatch – Something NextStage researched and is making available to others. Note this is a revised definition.
  • ResponseWatch – One of us is responding to someone else’s public twittering.
  • Self-AwareWatch – I noticed something about myself that amused me.
  • SusanWatch – She who runs NextStage has said it thus it is so.
  • ThanksWatch – For some kindness directed our way.
  • ToolWatch – We published a new online tool to
    The NextStage KnowledgeShop, the NextStage Members area and/or to its own site.

  • VideoWatch – Somebody published a video or we published a video on YouTube.

We also mix and match some Watches every once in a while, something like Members/ToolWatch or Research/BlogWatch or some such.

Hope this helps.

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