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Virtual Machines

March 12, 2018  4:00 PM

I want VMs in Azure to be members of my on-premises domain. How do I do this?

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry
Azure, Virtual Machines

Having VMs in Azure which are members of your on-premises domain is a pretty important part of your Cloud implementation.  There's a couple of ways to do this, but I'll be covering what we at DCAC think is the best option.  In basic terms, you'll set up a VPN...

December 4, 2017  4:00 PM

Managing VMs via Azure Active Directory just got a lot easier

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry
Active Directory, Azure, Virtual Machines

Back when Azure and Azure Active Directory got Windows InTune pushing down setting, and specifically oddball settings changes were complex. In the newest release of InTune that is accessible via Azure and Office365 things have gotten much easier. There used to be a

May 24, 2017  7:00 PM

Should I build a 1×6 VM or a 6×1 VM?

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry
SQL Server, Virtual Machines

TaskManagerThis sort of question comes up...

August 26, 2015  6:00 PM

Connecting To SQL Server Running On An Azure VM

Denny Cherry Denny Cherry Profile: Denny Cherry
Azure, Cloud Virtual Machine Security, SQL Server, Virtual Machine Security, Virtual Machines, Windows Azure

If you have setup a Windows Azure Virtual Machine running SQL Server you may have noticed that you might not be able to connect to the SQL Server running on the machine by using SQL Server Management Studio on your workstation (desktop, labtop, etc) from your home or office. This is normal and...

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